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To academic freedom, or to bondage?

A common criticism levelled against the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI), in recent years, is that its academics do not sufficiently engage the Barbadian public on crucial issues related to national development, and support the country’s search for solutions by addressing these problems from the perspectives of their various […]

On holding court outside the box . . .

A disturbing state of affairs that has reportedly been a problem for decades recently came to the fore in the magistrates’ courts once again. In adjourning a case of sexual assault, Magistrate Douglas Frederick warned the prosecuting sergeant there was the likelihood the case could be dismissed for lack of prosecution. He stated, inter alia, […]

Shall we punish our Mr Stuart with laughter?

It is said that Josef Stalin so detested the criticisms of Leon Trotsky, that in officially commissioned books he had Trotsky referred to as Judas Trotksy. During the Stalin purges of 1936 and 1937, many who criticized the Soviet supreme leader and his government spent years in his Gulag –– forced labour camps. In Adolf […]

Legal repute that’s worthy of defending

A good name is more desirable than great riches. –– Proverbs 22:1. A good reputation is the most precious asset a person or organization can own in a lifetime. It was so in ancient times, as the author of Proverbs asserted. It is also so today, and shall be for evermore, to quote a biblical […]

Soft cry for respect, peace and justice

The muffled sounds of grief emanating from the widow of Selwyn Knight, as she clung to loved ones at the District “A” Magistrates’ Court today, awaiting the appearance of the police officer who fatally shot her husband 35 days ago, yet echoed that call for reasonableness and fairness. Said Marleen Knight: “I want justice because […]

Challenging times ahead for labour

Within the past year, two relatively young persons, not yet in their 40s, have assumed high-profile senior leadership positions in the island’s labour movement. Towards the end of last August, Toni Moore took over as general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), following the retirement of veteran unionist Sir Roy Trotman, who had held […]

Letting our children live as children

Early childhood educator Lucille Goddard is crystal clear about it. Parents should not be pushing their children “too hard so early”. That is to say, parents and guardians ought not to be hurrying their charges along. They should instead be letting the children for whom they have responsibility “take their time to grow, develop and […]

Protecting the old; saving ourselves . . .

Senegalese poet David Diop, in his poem The Renegade, chastised his brother for what he termed as flashing his teeth in response to every hypocrisy. There is a hypocrisy in our midst where speeches, platitudes and perfunctory window dressing only serve to expose teeth, and really do little to address what could become a national shame. […]

This growing crime scourge we don’t need

Within the space of seven days earlier this month, normally tranquil St Lucia was hit by an unprecedented crime wave in which five young men were senselessly gunned down in a section of the capital Castries, amidst reports of rising feuds among rival gangs. Up to the time, the island had recorded no homicides for […]

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