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Well, whither? And alone or all together?

No man is an island. –– John Donne, 17th century English poet. Speaking to the media last Sunday, following a church service at the Cathedral Of St Michael And All Angels to mark the 74th anniversary of the founding of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU), general secretary Toni Moore lamented that Barbadians were inclined to […]

How many must die before the madness ends?

Albert Einstein is widely credited with the definition of insanity as being doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. It seems that here in Barbados we are perfecting our own practice of madness, for we keep doing the same thing again and again, and, sadly, this insanity is costing lives. […]

Reparations campaign faces uphill

During a visit to Jamaica earlier this week, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron poured cold water on calls from Britain’s former Caribbean colonies –– the independent countries which today make up the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) –– for reparations to compensate for slavery that generated considerable wealth for the former European imperialist power. In an address […]

Of folly and faux pas –– and forgiveness

Our history is replete with instances of human faux pas. Some have been more serious than others. Many have occurred as a result of wild exuberance, mortal frailty, miscommunication, indiscipline and, in some instances, just plain stupidity. Former United States president George Bush Sr once famously vomited in the lap of then Japanese prime minister […]

Exclusion on the grounds of their age?!

It is an issue which is hardly ever discussed in any great detail in public fora such as the popular daily talk shows. However, for a large segment of the Barbadian population, it is a reality being experienced for no other reason than the fact that they have reached a certain age. We speak of […]

In hot water beats in no water at all

The daily barrage of complaints to local call-in programmes, and the repeated images of irate residents pleading for water trucks to visit their bone-dry communities signal we are in a middle of a water crisis –– a severe one. And weather forecasters offer no comfort with predictions of little relief. In a report this month, […]

Fixing the politics and economics

This week, there were two separate calls –– one directly, the other indirectly, and made within hours of each other –– for fundamental restructuring of the institution of Government in Barbados. The calls came from a leading businessman, and a leading politician who may be in a position to effect such change, depending on the […]

On helping our brother on the day of sorrow

Funerals today –– like everything else –– can be quite expensive; and not every relative or family is able to afford them, with all the expected trappings like service and profile brochures or booklets and portrait buttons for posterity. These costs, of course, come on the heels of those for the mandatory funeral home preparations […]

Drinking wine, breaking bread, among cannibals

There can often be a high degree of cannibalism that exists in politics across the globe. And average Barbadian citizens are not spared from having the practice exercised in their plain sight. A Barbados Labour Party politician once described St Thomas MP Cynthia Forde as akin to a chattel house sitting on prime real estate. […]

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