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Be guided by reason, not emotion

Zeno the Greek philosopher once said that fear was an expectation of evil.   The stoic also described panic as fear with pressure exercised by sound, and mental agony as fear felt when some issue is still in suspense. Consternation, he pointed out, was fear due to a presentation of some unusual occurrence. But perhaps [...]

Looking beyond an Ebola ban

It is a natural reaction, when facing a threat – real or perceived – for humans to fight for survival. We face the threat head on and beat it to the ground, or use evasive action to dodge and avoid, or create a barrier between ourselves and that which threatens us. Those responses are all [...]

Of failings and our authorities

In days of yon, when democracy was alive and well in this gem of a land we affectionately call ‘Bim’, as a citizenry we were guaranteed to hear from our leader from time to time. But that was also when West Indies cricket meant more to administrators and cricketers than simply the bottomline. Alas! In [...]

No use pointing fingers

Oh what a tangled web we weave! The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is in a crisis of unimaginable proportions, even peril, after dreaded confirmation came today of a strong backlash from peeved cricket authorities in India. In the wake of a controversial decision by players to abandon their tour of India at the end [...]

Must we now wait for Trinidad’s call?

The revelation made last week by Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of National Security Gary Griffith that more than 7 000 Barbadians were living in that neighbouring Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country illegally seems to have taken many Bajans by surprise. No doubt many would have been fooled into believing that it is only Guyanese and Jamaicans [...]

Again it’s the cricket that suffers

How complicated this summer game of flannelled fools has become. Cricket’s age of innocence has long passed. The big bucks escaped Headley, Weekes, Worrell and Walcott. Sobers perhaps brought his wizardry several generations too soon. They were loyalists in a time when loyalists weren’t really paid. We are now in the era of the Indian [...]

We make ourselves their meal

We Barbadians are a dirty lot. And it comes as no surprise that cases of chikungunya are on the rise and perhaps destined to continue. Health officials say there are 49 confirmed cases and 200 suspected instances of the virus. Of course, these are reported cases. Officials have admitted that some Barbadians are self-medicating, thus [...]

Clear and present danger

While one might be able to pray or talk one’s way into paradise, it is highly unlikely that expressions of confidence and statements of intent alone from local authorities will prevent the Ebola virus from reaching Barbados’ shores. We cannot do enough to prepare ourselves for the likelihood that Ebola reaches these shores. Our airport [...]

Where millions equal peas and soap

Eleven years ago a number of interesting determinations related to sentencing came out of Barbados’ Court of Appeal in the matter of the Queen v Kurt Ricardo Skeete, deliberated before then Chief Justice Sir David Simmons and Justices of Appeal Frederick Waterman and Peter Williams. The Director of Public Prosecutions had referred to the Court [...]

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