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When our kids and caregivers all go missing

At least three times a month, in the last few months, the Royal Barbados Police Force has issued missing persons’ bulletins, asking the public to help locate, in most instances, teenagers who have left home with or without their parents’ or guardians’ knowledge and have not returned. And more often than not, the ones missing [...]

Show us your firmer hand, Mr AG

Times have definitely changed. Gone, it would seem, are the days when accused persons would bow their heads in shame at the sight of a court photographer, and when all you needed to take with you to a fete was a cheerful dance partner, along with a hanky to wipe away any gathering beams of [...]

Come off it, Ambassador Benn, do!

I have avoided any statements so far, and I am sure you all will be very disappointed if all you came here to capture is [my comments on Owen] Arthur. I am not promising you any juicy stories today. I promise to walk the high road when it comes to these things . . . [...]

Carpenters  without wood a future without service

But what concerns me as a minister is that we are still settling too much for mediocrity when it comes to customer service in Barbados and at all levels . . . and Barbados will only go forward if we say no to such. Customer is key and I don’t care how a customer attires [...]

Finding cricket’s soul beyond the boundary

Cricket in the era of C.L.R. James, Herman Griffith, Frank Worrell, Everton Weekes and Garry Sobers was more than about donning white flannels and going onto the green. Though victories over England, in particular, and Australia might not have been so articulated by players and onlookers of African ancestry, triumphs meant more than just bat [...]

Blurred line between education and ignorance

German-born British statistician Sir Claus Moser, at a British association meeting more than two decades ago, said that education cost money, and so too did ignorance. It is a truism with which one can find little fault. But in societies bordering on being welfare states, and others where overdependence on government is a way of [...]

Against the grain of fair journalism

We do not, like Irish writer Oscar Wilde, hold the view that instead of monopolizing the seat of judgment, journalism should be apologizing in the dock. Nor for that matter do we subscribe to the cynic’s often repeated belief that journalism is akin to the making of evanescent bricks with ephemeral straw. What we do [...]

If only for the sake of justice

Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes once wrote eloquently about the culture of procrastination. He has been dead almost 400 years but the lesson on a mañana philosophy has been left; if not learnt. Fast forward to 21st Century Barbados and the admonishment of the Caribbean Court of Justice in the appeal case of Winton Campbell [...]

Arthur and the lost soul of BLP

History, as is often stated, has a way of repeating itself. In 2006, Leader of the Opposition Democratic Labour Party, Clyde Mascoll, parted company with that organization after an internal tussle over the party’s leadership. Mr Mascoll would soon join the ruling Barbados Labour Party where he figuratively, and frequently literally, sat at the right [...]

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