South coast residents considering suing Water Authority over sewage mess.
Barbados signs onto regional child labour initiative…more in our Morning Update


One Response to BARBADOS TODAY MORNING UPDATE – December 8

  1. Freeagent December 8, 2017 at 7:31 am

    As Senator Ince said, the DLP takes the blame for everything that goes wrong in Barbados – Clico, the Barack payment, the economic crisis and the sewerage situation, all of which occurred under the last administration and should have been addressed by it. The sewage system is many years old and should have received periodic upgrades.On many occasions the stanch in parts of Bridgetown was unbearable and we did not hear the outcry that we are now hearing. Where were the critics? There are many trained persons in Barbados who can work with government to bring about a solution to the problem Taking the government to court to obtain compensation will not solve the problem. Together we stand, divided we will fall. Let us put aside the political divide and work together to solve the problems that we are facing.


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