The BWA admits to a lack of communication with customers on the recent sewage problems on the South Coast.

Tourism officials say they do not expect any major fallout from the recent South Coast sewage problems.   These stories and more in the Barbados TODAY morning update.

2 Responses to BARBADOS TODAY MORNING UPDATE – December 19, 2016

  1. Walmark John F December 19, 2016 at 9:34 am

    Don’t underestimate the power of social media with regards to highlight the seriousness the sewage mess on the south coast . Social media will also follow the progress of the proposed work very closely . Businesses, residents and tourists follow issues like this very closely . Just look at the dialogue not only in Barbados but in Canada .
    We will all be better when this unhealthy situation of sewage spilling into the streets and into the sea in fixed.
    Just make sure you do what you say you will do and do it in a timely manner.

  2. Sunshine Sunny Shine December 19, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    That is all you get from these square pegs in round holes. A crisis must arise and one in which significant pressure is placed in order for them to acknowledge their wrong. Imagine if there was no crisis it would be the usual business of hardly disseminating information to the public. The BWA can get away with any shyte in Barbados because customers have no type of recourse or backing when they seek to execute their constitutional rights in a court of law. How is telling Barbadians what they had to bare with for years, which is, you hardly communicate, going to help your dismal image?


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