Residents of Gall Hill, Christ Church say they are now living in fear following the latest shooting deaths earlier this week. There are calls for better marketing of CARIFESTA, following complaints of low turnout at this week’s events. These and other stories in the Barbados TODAY morning news.

One Response to BARBADOS TODAY MORNING UPDATE – August 24 ,2017

  1. Charjoy August 24, 2017 at 10:48 am

    What is the long-term strategy here? Me thinks I’ve missed it! Certainly it CANNOT be police officers traversing communities in hard shoes and hot uniforms in sweltering heat whispering sweet NOTHINGS in the ears of those being held hostage..noooo

    What about this as alternative? Government and law enforcement have proved incapable and/or uninterested in protecting the citizens of Barbados Being a non-carrier (guns) state, implicit is the agreement that the Government would provide necessary level of protection from killers, thieves, rapists and all other criminal elements. However, the agreement is now null and void because the office of the AG has FAILED to uphold its part of the bargain; leaving the good people of Barbados exposed and endangered. This now means that we have to take responsibility for our own security which does not include reviewing discussion points from the waste of time meeting at the Radisson. Maybe it’s time the laws are amended to allow law abiding citizens to arm themselves because right now we are sitting ducks waiting to be PICKED OFF. Also, how about hanging some murderers…..hmmm


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