International Business Minister Donville Inniss blasts a decision by the state of Illinois to blacklist Barbados as a tax haven. Retired trade unionist Dennis Clarke says there is a need for a new style of industrial relations. These stories and more in the Barbados TODAY morning news.

One Response to BARBADOS TODAY MORNING UPDATE – April 7, 2017

  1. Carlisle Norville April 7, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    what i stand (AMAZED) at,is that the people who are the academic
    echelon here in Barbados, dont seemed to have an iota of a clue of the the time & season the world is in, just as a pack of (FOOLS) who
    call themselves scientist have said that it was a BIG BANG that brought this world & world’s into being ,so these echelons of our
    society deny the prophetic word written & spoken by GOD ,about
    the events that will occur in the earth, they think somehow that they can bring solutions to the problems we are facing ,the GOD who created the Heavens & the earth ,said if you turn away from my
    laws atatutes & commands i will bring great calamity apon you &
    your children( the future is not bright great distress much sorrow
    awaits the whole world.


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