The CDB says the Barbados economy will grow by 0.9 per cent this year.
Senator Wilfred Abrahams demands answers from the Govt on a number of issues.
Michael Antonio Greenidge was today cleared of murder charges . . . and more . . . .

One Response to BARBADOS TODAY EVENING UPDATE – February 24, 2016

  1. Sunshine Sunny Shine February 25, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Does senator Esther Byer sound like she is in control of her thoughts after accusing Barbadians of not practicing proper (ah wuh ya iz call dem tings fuh garbage again) containment practices for garbage? I asked that because she took 3 seconds to figure what the things you put garbage in are called. Next she tells bajans in incoherent stutters to crush those containers first before putting them in the..ahhh hmmm ahh oh yeah containers. All of a sudden Barbadians are the reason for all the problems related to garbage in Barbados. Esther Byer, just like your Prime Minister casting blame and not accepting any is what your government is all about. You would do well to look at the failings of the SSA, which are base on the failings of your government to act decisively, well all except to pave the road stink for your nightmare on Cahill. By the way Esther, how much money the 50th year celebrations costing taxpayers? Also, how comes your Prime Minister seems so deep in this celebration that he can send out thousands of letters to engage the public, but not a single word on when he will buy some trucks to improve the collection service of the SSA? Is this celebration one of those important priorities that is greater than all the problems the island faces at this time?


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