The Bar Association to speak on troubles facing the legal profession.
Staff at the Ministry of Culture abandon building because of possible rat infestation.
Gordon Stewart says NO to private beaches
…and more in the afternoon update…


  1. Josh February 5, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    I find the PM’s reception for recurring visitors admirable.

    I have been coming to Barbados 3 or 4 times a year for 15 years and have not been invited to a reception. In fact, on my last visit Xmas, I was asked to explain why I was here – response ‘Xmas holiday’; asked why I stayed at the same property all the time – response – ‘I own it’; asked to produce return documentation which like the rest of the flight, I didn’t have on paper because the rest of the world use E-TICKETS. I was then forced to sit in the little ‘you don’t have status’ room while the Immigration officer thought it pertinent to check with the flight crew that I had a return ticket, despite the fact I told her I had.

    Bearing in mind I have been to Barbados for 15 years and have never overstayed, I cannot tell you how this immigration officer’s actions made me feel. On one occasion (in 15 years) I extended my stay and duly went to the Bridgetown immigration office, paid $100 and got my stamp. Why did the immigration officer feel empowered to treat me as she did? Guess what color am I?

    Notwithstanding numerous people of White race from Cliff Richards come down, manage to domicile their status in Barbados without so much of a bat of an eyelid – is he using CARICOM status or the child of a BARBADOS CITIZEN? Does he or any other white person need to provide a return ticket from the UK before being allowed entry. Very sad Barbados – needless to say I am moving my two businesses somewhere else, less racist, in the Caribbean. And no, I haven’t complained – takes 10 years for the government to respond to complaints of corporate fraud and in the end ‘who am I?’


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