Agricultural partners are concerned about BHTA moves to bypass MOU criteria to access concessions.

The Barbados Road Safety Association is on board with plans to penalize motorists caughtusing cellphones.

Barbados Tridents are out of the Champions League Twenty20 tournament in India

…and more in the 6pm update…

2 Responses to 6PM NEWS UPDATE – SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

  1. Astra September 30, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Simple solution to the BHTA moves, if you don’t buy local then you shouldn’t get concessions but the solution will be that “hoteliers will be allowed their request” simply because WE have been conditioned to believe that we are dependent on tourism to survive…. Didn’t Barbados exist at one point without tourism and with ALL the concessions THEY get as a business, I cannot see the benefits for Barbados, in the way the want to do business. Its ALL “take” and not enough “giving back”… Yes, you bring in visitors and you provide locals with jobs however, you get far too much leeway. And the individual poorer person, struggles without concessions benefits. Wake up Barbados Leaders, why was the MOU created in the first place ?

  2. Astra September 30, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    I thought Barbados was a Democratic Society. A Democracy is “a political or social unit governed ultimately by ALL its members”, “it is social equality”…. We have a Dictatorship – We appear to be able to write down our thoughts and talk on VOB but… when it comes to ultimately getting involved in decision making that really changes and can change the face of Barbados, there is no social equality. Please don’t ask me to give you examples because they are staring us in the face. When Slavery got abolished, when were people given different information to make different decisions, when did black people create their OWN education system, when were black people told about their origins and when did black people ever have any kind of independence. Oh yes pre-Slavery – It is the 21st century and attitudes of the past, past down from generations have not been disturbed enough to create independent thoughts that benefit the masses of the country…..


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