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Offbeat of the day

Offbeat of the day

We wonder what this KFC delivery guy was picking up at the Chefette drive-thru.

Seaweed surfer?

Seaweed surfer?

“I [have] never seen anything like this in my life . . . the moss was thick like carpet,” said veteran surfer Zed Layson after he encountered a blanket of sargassum seaweed while surfing just off Silver Sands, Christ Church yesterday. “The moss came in and it was spectacular,” he told Barbados TODAY. “I caught and […]

Bed stop

Difficult times often occasion desperate measures.  Amid the business and industrial activity at Warrens, St. Michael, this bus stop by day has basically been converted into a one-bedroom apartment at night. A homeless man believed to be in his 30s and who goes by the name Corey has not only stocked his worldly possessions at […]

OFF BEAT – Things that make you go hummm!

Just when we thought we might have seen it all, one of our readers shared this photo this evening. It was not immediately clear what was the reason that prompted this gentleman to choose to ride in the trunk of this vehicle, or even where he was headed however we decided to share this photo with you anyway. […]

Beach bother

It’s been a major problem for beachgoers over the past several months. Be it Miami Beach in Christ Church or River Bay in St Lucy, the issue has been pretty much the same. Here at Bath in St John, there is also no stopping the influx of Sargassum seaweed. In fact, it would seem that […]

Powder puff girls?

There was plenty of food and refreshments, not to mention coloured powder yesterday as Hindus in Barbados celebrated the Phagwah Festival. Several members of that religion converged on the compound of BDS Hygiene Products Ltd on Government Hill, St Michael to join in the festivities. In this photo these three girls took turns in powdering […]

Rough seas

It was certainly not the ideal conditions for an afternoon dip at Paynes Bay, St James. In fact traffic was backed up just after 2 p.m. as motorists were forced to manoeuvre rocks and other debris, which was washed ashore by dangerous sea swells.


Omar Ward loves to sculpt and for the past 16 years he has been making an honest living from it. He usually plies his trade in Fire Hall, Rock Hall, St Thomas, but this week the 32-year-old took his craftmanship to the highway in a bid to get noticed. And he did. Here he is putting the […]

OFF-BEAT-Sorrel aplenty

With Christmas around the corner, Bajans will have plenty sorrel drink for their enjoyment this season. Across the island the sorrel tree is in full bloom as seen here at Buttals Plantation in St George where Dave Sam was busy today with harvesting.

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