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Morning jam a threat to festival

A veteran costume band leader and multiple award winning designer, is suggesting that the National Cultural Foundation’s Foreday Mornin Jam, will kill Crop-Over.

Health care

Health care


One of the island’s foremost providers of health insurance is putting its money behind a major initiative aimed at assisting the country and region in coping with the ever-increasing challenges of chronic diseases.

Today, Sagicor and t

Overwhelmed teachers seeking solace

Overwhelmed teachers seeking solace

These days it is the teachers who are seeking the solace of the guidance counsellor’s office at the Alexandra School.

Large and in charge

Large and in charge

Principal Jeff Broomes acted like the chairman of the school’s board of management.

Into the deep

Into the deep

Campers from The Rose of Sharon Tabernacle went deep into Barbados yesterday where they saw the beauty of one of the country’s premier attractions.

Late statements raising concern

Key witnesses expected to testify at the Commission of Enquiry into the Alexandra School have missed an announced deadline for submission of statements, prompting concern from the head of the tribunal and lawyers representing Principal Jeff Broomes.

Counsellor: Broomes took over my role

Principal Jeff Broomes has virtually taken over the guidance counsellor role at the Alexandra School, leaving the appointed office holder out in the cold.

Student backlash

behaviour of the alexandra pupils toward staff has deteriorated

Student behavior at the Alexandra School has worsened since the most recent strike by some its teachers.

Some of the seniors at the St. Peter institution, those in fifth form, are s

Teen’s body found


They were not able to celebrate his 18th birthday today with joy and merriment, but relatives and friends of Akeem Hackett may have achieved some closure, after a near two-day search for his missing body at sea, ended with its disc