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The versatile breadfruit

Breadfruit is one of the staples that most of us like to have as a part of our meal or on the menu when it is in season. It is so popular in Barbados that we often par-boil and freeze it for use during those times when it can’t be sourced. Breadfruit trees are known […]

The art of cooking Cou-Cou

Last week, it was all about “dropping knowledge” when we shared important tips about how to perfect your culinary skills. This week, we focus on a dish that many Barbadians love, yet it is one that people shy away from cooking. Our national dish, Cornmeal Cou-Cou. Many people say that Cornmeal Cou-Cou is difficult to […]

Mountain cuisine

Mountain cuisine

 You think Jamaican cuisine, you think jerk chicken, or ackee and saltfish, or rice and peas with oxtail, right? Well, some players in the tourism industry have gotten a bit creative with the local fare in recent years, and are offering their clients a fusion of Jamaican and foreign cuisine, teaming up with the agriculture […]

Dropping knowledge

Since our Street Food to Fine Dining column got started back in December last year, my aim each week has been to take you on a culinary journey, highlighting and explaining topics which are essential for a better understanding of the culinary environment. As they say, knowledge is power and once you are armed with […]

Ready for Export

As if to emphasize what I was saying in one of my earlier articles about food being in the midst of everything, BMEX is here and, being the grand exhibition that it is, highlighting all aspects of Barbados manufacturing, food is still one of the leading components.  Food plays such a significant role in this […]

Barbados culinary team off to Miami

Barbados culinary team off to Miami

Members of the 2017 Barbados Culinary Team left the island this morning in high spirits, headed to Miami to represent the island at this year’s Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s (CHTA) Taste of the Caribbean, the region’s premier culinary competition and showcase. They are: Chefs Damian Leach, Willis Griffith, Kirk Ruck, Andre Nurse, Javon Cummins […]

Re-educating Barbadians about eating

“Food is not just calories, it is information. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, environment and entire world is your fork.” This quotation from American physician, Dr Mark Hyman, encapsulates the message that local nutritionists have been spreading this week as they […]

Salad dressings hold the key

After last week’s article, I am sure that you have a greater appreciation for salads and understand that there is a whole lot more to a salad than just leafy greens. We are going to share more on this topic but, before we do, let’s recap what we learnt so far: a salad is made […]

An A to Z on salads

Is there more to a salad than leafy greens? Since we’ve touch on the wonderful world of herbs and spices and are now aware of the magic that they can perform in the preparation of food, it is time to practice the application of these herbs and spices and therefore flavours. I have always found […]

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