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Truth to power not hate

  In Mr Peter Wickam’s recent article (Sunday Nation, May 25), he has become so angrily one-sided in his attempt to accuse the Christian faith and its scriptures of responsibility for slavery that he fails to face a basic fact. Let us state the hit-the-nail-on-the-head fact that makes the advertisement Speaking Truth Is Not Homophobia […]

Recall Professor Bain!

  The University of the West Indies (UWI) should reinstate Professor Brendan Bain, post-haste, as director of the Regional Co-ordinating Unit of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training (CHART) network because he was not accused, nor was it revealed, that he had been derelict in his duties in that role. So the suggestion by Dr Carolyn […]

Levi’s error

  I was happy when I first learned that Levi Cadogan was granted a contract by Adidas as one of its stars of the future. Evidently Adidas officials have seen the potential that the young athlete has in becoming a world-class sprinter in the future, and has invested in him by honouring him with a […]

Senior Games comatose

  It would appear the current recession has so affected the 2014 Senior Games that it has slipped into a comatose state –– based on the quality of the games and number of spectators this year. Fewer than 1,000 patrons attended the games on the first day Saturday and fewer than 200 the Sunday after. […]

Beating the working into . . .

  You will have heard the statement “beating the stuffing out of . . . whatever or whoever”. What about beating “the working” into someone? Is that part of developing critical thinking, which folks in education often say is the purpose of education? The Critical Thinking Community website defines critical thinking thus: “. . . […]

The whip lives on . . .

  It doesn’t take too much rigour to discover the roots of our fascination with the whip, the virtues of which are extolled constantly by some teachers, priests, newspaper columnists, talk radio hosts, descendants of the plantocracy, parents and an army of other “grateful” Barbadians. The latest exhibition of this misguided form of correction came […]

The idea of Barbados

The idea of Barbados

by Ralph E. Gonsalves   Barbados is an idea which has, over time, become manifest in reality. The idea of Barbados encompasses more than a nation-state or a national community. To be sure, it flows from a national community which has been in ownership, not residence, of an especial or particular landscape and seascape. Still, […]

‘Motercycle Diaries’ granted World Heritage status

UNESCO recently granted World Heritage status to the revolutionary Ernesto ” Che” Guevara”s manuscripts, otherwise known as the “Motorcycle Diaries “.

What constitutes religion?

“There is no neutral ground in the universe: every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan.” – C. S. Lewis