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Having daddy around

  Once again, we are in the process of celebrating Father’s Day around the world, and the significance of the father should be highlighted in every manner. Fathers or male figures in a household could have positive effects in the rearing of their children. However, the absence of the father from the household can be […]

Write it down, PM

  Time after time I hear Barbadians regretting that our Prime Ministers since Independence did not “write down” anything about their times in office; about how such would enrich this country’s historical record. I doubt this will be said of the Right Honourable Freundel Jerome Stuart. He possesses such an overflowing reservoir of words and […]

Record child sex abusers

  Child sexual abuse in Barbados continues to be a serious problem in our society and a major public concern. It is wrong; it violates the rights of the child in every aspect; and it is a form of exploitation in every manner. This abuse is very serious because it could expose children to HIV/AIDS […]

Manners over clothes

  On June 2, while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s, I had an unforgettable experience. The office was crowded, but quiet, as some people spoke in hushed tones on their cellphones, completely ignoring the sign at the counter that read Turn Off Cellphones. If we were all in compliance, then we would […]

Just keep running

  Basketball players run down the shot clock; running backs run for touchdowns; cricketers run for a quick single. There is plenty of running in sport and life. “Life,” says Olympic champion Michael Johnson, “is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like being a sprinter; long stretches of hard work […]

Women’s respect a right!

  In a June 6 piece published in Barbados TODAY, Mr Richard Stoute expressed his disappointment at Rihanna’s Council Of Fashion Designers Of America Awards dress. It is within the rights of every Bajan –– nay, person –– to have an opinion about Rihanna’s attire at the recent awards ceremony. Rihanna has crafted a name […]

Virtue of being on time

  The IT manager at Swiss Bank put forward a case to improve disc resilience that would have cost $100,000 to implement. His proposal was rejected.    Two weeks later the disks crashed, costing the bank over $2 million. Even though the lesser figure was a lot, it could have saved the bank a pretty […]

No God the Son!

  The Scriptures are pretty simple on this matter. They teach that there is one true God. For example, at John 17:3 Jesus said: “. . . That they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” Only means one. Therefore, Jesus was saying that God is one. Then […]

Let’s focus on management

  Performance appraisals cannot be done effectively unless the organization sets specific objectives and plans to achieve these. In essence, an employee must know what needs to be done and have the tools to do it. Foremost in this activity should be the management of the organization (that is, those senior employees) whose job it […]