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Star gazing

Is the star of former deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley diminishing further within the ranks of the Barbados Labour Party?

Discussion necessary

It has been said so often, and proven with such regularity, that there can’t be many people around who don’t understand what is meant by — a week in politics is a long time.

Unions must change too

It is at times like these, when a country is on the verge of elections, particularly when like they are here, free and fair, that ordinary citizens consider themselves empowered.

Candidates, get serious!

The mandatory deposits have been paid to the Treasury and the nomination papers making candidacies official have now been signed and handed in.

Days before that the posters and billboards with the images of candidates of the Barbados Labour Party, f

Politician of the people

Apart from the actual day of voting, today marked one of the most significant days in the general election’s routine for candidates and parties. On Nomination Day, all those persons who are identified by themselves and/or their parties as candidates

Let peace prevail

Whatever the outcome of the February 21 general elections, it will almost be unquestionably a free and fair exercise.

Absolute nonsense!

We’ll begin by saying sorry. But the apology is only for the sake of politeness, because all we are sorry about is that we have to return to this subject so early in the general elections campaign — but we believe we must.

Promises unkept

Twentieth Century French existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre once said that if one began by saying: “Thou shalt not lie”, there was no longer any possibility of political action.

Let eggs hatch

For candidates contesting the February 21 general election, this weekend must be the most hectic since the lead-up to the January 2008 poll