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Seasons of hope?

Quietly, almost too quietly, the 2012 hurricane season has slipped into history with not even so much as a strong breeze to bother Barbadians.

Time to act!

If yuh start wrong, yuh gine end wrong — so says every grandmother to a wayward child, or adult, at some time. It is born out of the wisdom that comes from experience.

No so sure on Cost-U-Less

The Democratic Labour Party campaigned five years ago on a platform that included food price reduction was a principal component.

Walking for pain

There is a well known saying that you can never truly know how a man feels until you have walked a mile in his shoes.

Keep it clean!

Barbadians are a proud people. And perhaps we have had good reason in the past to be so.

Get to kicking

There has been an unmistakeable buzz in domestic football over the past few months.

All talk, no action

We have seen no estimates of projected sugar production for the 2013 harvest, but we are willing to bet it will be no higher than this year’s.

Dose of reality

There is much for Barbados and its citizens to be proud of 46 years after the colonial chains attaching this tiny nation to the British were cut.

All about efficiency

Unless we have missed the boat completely, it is absolutely clear that this issue of privatisation of state enterprises will continue to be a major factor in political discourse