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What you see is what you get

We live in a world where you can probably find a cliche, proverb or old folk story to relate to most situations we encounter. And often, when faced with a difficult challenge these words of wisdom turn out to be just what you may need. However, some of us often times place ourselves right in […]

Too much price gouging

Crop-Over is in the air and most of us are already enjoying and will continue to enjoy the fetes and other events. What I do not understand is why I should be paying $4 at a bar for a Sprite, which was the case at a fete I attended recently.

Securing your roof

Based on data collected by various sources in Florida, where preparation for hurricanes is far more sophisticated and thorough than in the Caribbean, the house roof been proven to be one of he most vulnerable areas to strong winds.

Prepared for what?

Last week in another section of the media the Director of Emergency Management was reported as saying that Barbados was not ready for a disaster — that the country had not learned anything from the passing of Tropical Storm Tomas.

Furthermore, the

Focus on leadership

WAGGGS fostering knowledge and skills in young women

WAGGGS has been empowering girls and young women as leaders in their local communities, on the international stage and in their professional and volunteer lives for 100 years.

Leadership is at

Simple etiquette

I would like to first take this moment to wish all the semi-finalists and finalists in the various competitions the best of luck. As they say in show business, go break a leg. Most of all to the “Eager 7” of Cave Shepherd All Stars Tent I extend the

Fighting Goliath

City of plunder In a few days time, the English organisers of the Olympic Games will roll out the red carpet for a multitude of visitors from all over the world, and will seek to dazzle and impress them with the fabulous sights of the city of London. No doubt, most of these visitors will […]

On my honour

  “All good things must come to an end” – this English quote sums up the feeling of the leaders and boys who attended the National Centenary “FUN” Cub Scout camp – held at the Lester Vaughan Secondary School from July 4 – 8, 2012. The camp began with the arrival of the boys and […]

Byte me

I recently attended a church service, where the minister brought across a very interesting point as he delivered his sermon. He spoke about the apostles and how Jesus sent them out two by two to spread his word, with nothing other than themselves.