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Impressive West Indies

  At a time when West Indies are desperate for as much success as possible, the nine-wicket win against New Zealand in the first Test in Antigua was the right tonic towards winning the two-match series. It was not just a matter of winning but the confident way in which it was achieved gave rise […]

Satisfaction with your job

Job satisfaction is something that most people want. If you have to work to make a living, you might as well find a line of work that you enjoy. The problem is that most people would rather be doing something else. If given the opportunity to go to a better job, who wouldn’t jump ship? […]

I doan care

It is coming down to the wire and there is just this weekend to go and then — Spring Garden here we come for the finale! I must admit that I was not much into the season but as it starts to trickle down I am trying to enjoy what is left.

Congrats t

Be your brother’s keeper this Crop-Over

It’s the last lap of our prized season, and I must say, it’s been quite successful thus far. Crop-Over is winding down, with less than a week until the big day, Grand Kadooment. And I must say, the last couple months of Crop-Over events have been relatively safe and incident-free, and I pray that the […]

Get to know them first

I guess girls would be able to relate to this more so than the guys. I’ve heard stories of girls constantly getting messages from fellas telling them about the things they wanna do to them and how much they love them and how they wanna make them their girl. Question: WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean most of […]

Is it really a reality?

Seems like everywhere we turn, everybody and their mother seems to have a reality show. Reality television has just taken over — from washed up stars, those currently in the limelight and of course those barely holding on. I can honestly say that I cannot even count of how many reality shows now flood our […]

A Global Effort

  Our environment is under threat from a number of substances and activities. For example, outdoor (ambient) air may be polluted by exhaust from vehicles; and smoke from burning of household garbage and other wastes. Untreated discharges from residences and industries can contaminate drinking water supplies and reduce the recreational value of the marine environment. […]

Emancipation and the Titanic

As we mark Emancipation Day, we must endeavour to look deeply at the areas of national life in which we cannot claim full emancipation and in which we have not fulfilled the hopes and aspirations of the descendants of the newly freed slaves. One very obvious area is the Jamaican economy which we can liken […]

Acquiring land

It should be apparent by now that the inalienable, fundamental rights set out in the Constitution are, given the right circumstances, alienable where there are higher considerations such as national security, public health, the Government’s right to tax revenue and the like. Section 16 of the Constitution while providing that “No property of any description […]