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Keep windows shut

cracking windows during a hurricane can cause major damage

Have you ever been part of that old Bajan argument that during a storm it is wise to slightly open a window or two on the windward side of your home, and then do the same on the leeward si

Global Action Theme

WAGGGS’ Global Action Theme is girls worldwide say “Together we can change our world,” which focuses on the Millennium Development Goals. The GAT is an educational programme that everyone can get involved with. There are educational resources, such a

Mind of a Bajan

Attitudes for change The conversations this week were about the general social problems that afflict any country/community. What was significant was the whole issue of the neglect of agriculture in our society. One individual’s comment was of great interest, she recalled that on her return to Barbados she purchased a hoe and fork and started […]

Producing food is key

This newspaper has issued repeated warnings in this space regarding food security. That if Jamaicans do not produce and consume more of the foods we eat, we will remain, and possibly, become even more vulnerable to periodic price surges in global mar

A good time was had

A good time was had

by Adonijah For those who don’t already know the unnecessarily mysterious placings of the “other five” at the calypso finals on Friday, here they are — sixth, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles; seventh, Smokey Burke; eighth, Adonijah; ninth, Blood and tenth, The Announcer. Why on Earth it was seen as the thing to do to create more intrigue […]

Equal but…

An Olympic legend   I don’t think there is anyone in the Caribbean or around the world who wasn’t glued to their TV sets at 4:50 p.m. Barbados time just a couple hours ago. We all had “de nerves” while watching our Caribbean athletes at the starting line for the start of the Men’s 100m […]

Switch to eReaders

It was with interest that I read the article titled Textbook loan scheme woes on August 1 in one of our local newspapers. The issue, as Catherine Mitchell of Parkinson Memorial School, Junior Boxill of the Lester Vaughan School, Cheryl Trotman of Deighton Griffith School and Margaret Aimey of Queen’s College explains, is that the […]

Since yuh asked…

A tangled web… I have a real big problem and I ain’t sure who else to ask. Right now I real frighten because I know my father will kill me if he find out. When they had the last Cavalcade at the Stadium I was not supposed to go, but I went. I told my […]

A huge reunion

  During the evening of Friday August 21, 2012, the Rev. Sir Wesley Winfield Hall will address patrons at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, as they attend a dinner, the centrepiece of a nine-event Combermere School Alumni Global reunion package. I anticipate that he will pause, allow the applause to crescendo, fix his tie, […]