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Need for more police accountability

It sounds strange when young men in the prime of their lives reportedly jump off cliffs or hang themselves with jeans, all because they happen to be in the same vicinity as Barbadian police. I saw an interview with Angela Best, mother of Corey Best, the young man who allegedly committed suicide while he was […]

Stuart has wisdom of God

Stuart has wisdom of God

Whenever the question of leadership arises, I think of King David of Israel and also of his son, King Solomon. David built an empire by war; Solomon continued to build it in peace. David subdued the neighbouring tribes by force; Solomon governed them in wisdom. It was this wise King Solomon, who defined silence as […]

Israel vs the Palestinian cause

A few weeks ago, I attended a film presentation and discussion hosted by a local group, Caribbean Against Apartheid in Palestine (CAAP). The documentary film entitled, Our Story, is self-described as providing “a Palestinian perspective on the history of occupation and ethnic cleansing. The story of the Palestinian people’s NON-VIOLENT action against apartheid.” From my […]

Who is the real third party?

When we elect politicians, we mainly want them to manage the country without putting us in an unsustainable debt situation. Barbados’ national debt is an unsustainable $13 billion, with the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) being responsible for approximately $8 billion and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) for approximately $5 billion. The crucial question that Barbadian […]

Some thoughts and frustrations

I sit in front of the computer screen with thoughts and frustrations ravaging my soul and my mind. There is so much I want to say, so much that needs ventilation and attention. Another set of Barbadian women have organized themselves into a social media force to bring awareness and support to another aspect of […]

Great opportunities in Middle East

Last week’s events in Syria reminded me that I promised to conclude a series of articles I started last year looking at the Middle East. Those articles were prompted by my presentation in July 2016 to the Open Campus of the University of the West Indies in St Vincent. It was titled The Middle East […]

Thank you, Mr Humphrey

 Errol Humphrey is a well-respected public figure who revealed himself as the vice-dean of the Caribbean team that negotiated the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). Since he recently publicly challenged my assessment of the EPA, and given his prominent position, I reviewed the agreement again to see whether I had missed something. I did not. In […]

Growing distrust and DLP FACTS

Former American Senator, Tom Daschle, once said that “what we need is not more distrust and division. What we need now is acceptance.” This statement is applicable for Barbados, given the heightened political rhetoric and the dismissiveness that is implied in the many utterances from governing officials. Increasingly, the Barbados society appears to be affected […]

McDowall conquers DLP Goliath

McDowall conquers DLP Goliath

Why would a presumably great and invincible ruling party, which boastfully declares it is marching on to a certain third straight term despite widespread dissatisfaction with its leadership and performance, stake so much on trying to influence the outcome of elections to choose the executive of a lowly trade union? Such behaviour surely does not […]