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Henry Armstrong – one of the greatest ever

Henry Armstrong – one of the greatest ever

In any era, against the greatest of opponents, Henry Armstrong would be considered one of the greatest boxers to ever walk the planet. Over the years there have been many great pugilists at a variety of weights, but Armstrong remains the only fighter in the long history of the sport to ever hold three world […]

I’m Active, why isn’t my Thyroid?

It may be a tiny gland, but having problems with your thyroid can lead to devastating consequences for the body. The thyroid gland produces a hormone that influences every cell, tissue and organ in the body. It is also responsible for regulating your metabolism, which is the process that converts what you eat and drink into energy. […]

Rekindling the Caribbean Renaissance

Rekindling the Caribbean Renaissance

I offer support for the objectives of Black History Month by placing on its agenda the need for an urgent Caribbean dialogue on the development challenges facing our people. Where we have reached in our historic flight to freedom as a community needs to be assessed and the depth of our dedication to promoting popular democracy should […]

The reality of the vulnerable

Barbadians are presently focused on a number of seemingly “hot button” issues, and rightly so. However, while this focus might be justified, invisible in plain sight is a growing number of citizens whose social and economic vulnerabilities are rapidly galloping from bad to worse to unbearable. I am referring to those persons who, largely through no […]

The gift of blood

I choose to write on a topic that may make some persons feel squeamish. I felt the same until February 1, this year when I took the bold step, got rid of my fears and went right ahead. I donated blood for the very first time in my life. It was an act that I certainly […]

Thomas Sankara – A tragic African hero

He was his country’s leader for a short period but it was still long enough for his name to resonate across the African continent and beyond. For many he is considered the Che Guevara of Africa, especially in the nation of Burkina Faso. Like many revolutionists before and after him, Thomas Sankara died violently and at […]

Blackness and the Church

Young Jamal, a sloucher by habit, sat up straight for once without anyone asking him to do so. He stared at me, shocked: “I thought Jesus was white!” We were in church watching a drama that one of my sisters had produced, depicting an aspect of the life of Jesus. The actor was black. I […]

Dems low on credibility: Barbadians beware!

Towards the end of 2016, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler – speaking at a meeting of the Christ Church constituency branches of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) – asserted that his struggling party will make morality a key issue in the next general election. For some, it is hip-hip hooray! Yet, numerous Barbadians are convinced that disingenuous […]

Nnamdi Azikiwe – architect of Nigeria’s nationhood

Nnamdi Azikiwe – architect of Nigeria’s nationhood

The name Nnamdi Azikiwe is not one frequently mentioned in Barbados when reflection is given to some of Africa’s great statesmen. But he is held in esteem in Nigeria and on the African continent for his part in the attainment of Nigerian nationhood. His contributions to journalism, politics and education in Nigeria are of immense […]