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Celebrating food at AGROFEST

This week, we continue our discussion on AGROFEST by looking at the impact of this event on our society. We’ve touched on the farmers and vendors and the important role that they play as AGROFEST provides an important outlet not only for the sale, but also the marketing of their products and produce. They will […]

The tragedy of the central bank

How does a country face a crisis of confidence involving the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank, and the Prime Minister sees it fit to leave the country to attend a CARICOM Summit? I admitted to you that last week’s article was easily the hardest I’ve had to write thus far […]

Migrant labour worries

The right of a sovereign country to determine who enters its borders is beyond question. It is, however, customary for countries in the developed world to attract large numbers of migrant labourers to their shores. Within developing societies, there is also the trend for workers to move wherever greener pastures present themselves. The movement of […]

Avoiding Track and Field injuries

This is the term for track and field or “sports term”. Each school will have their Track and Field Championships, there will be several weekend meets and everyone looks forward to NAPSAC, BSSAC and the Carifta Games. Unfortunately, every year, some promising athlete has his or her quest for glory halted by injury. Let’s discuss […]

No to race-based politics!

Fair character emerges anywhere, From towers or ghettos, From high-caste or low-caste, From all the universe’s air. Race-Based Politics (RPB) has sunken its claws, not only here  in Trinidad and Tobago, but in nations very visible to us, and, indeed, globally. At a time of great difficulty, in the pangs of immense suffering, the death-call, […]

A future for financial services?

The following is the first part of a presentation delivered earlier today at a conference in Panama. Globalization has been a one-way street of impositions by powerful countries; fiscal sovereignty has been violated by the strong; and tax competition remains under threat from the mighty. Indeed, if the current pattern of incursions, restrictions and false […]

Revival of the West Indies

Revival of the West Indies

West Indies won the last Under-19 and men’s T20 World Cups and supporters might be tempted to say that West Indies cricket is on the right track. But in its 2011-2016 Strategic Plan the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) stated: “The performance of the senior men’s team is the key external barometer of the state […]

Barbados vs Jamaica in fitting Super50 Final

Barbados vs Jamaica in fitting Super50 Final

With the commanding styles in which they disposed of their opponents in the semi-finals, Barbados Pride and Jamaica Scorpions have set the stage for what should be an enthralling Final in the Regional Super50 Championship at the Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua Saturday. Jamaica Scorpions were ruthless en route to a 292-run win over last […]

Where do we go from here?

This week I was planning to ‘leggo’ some lashes in the child fathers that think using the weekends their children spend with them as a time to poison children against their mothers is a worthwhile and good idea. I was going to chastise them for their insensitivity and sheer disrespect for the hard job – that […]