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Marching on!

Left, right, left, right, citizens are marching. Yes, the protest marches will be continuing. Two weeks ago, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) led a March of Disgust that was attended by just around 10,000 people. This week, the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) announced its intentions to have a march of its own – a […]

Choosing pots, pans and knives

So far in our grouping system for small kitchen equipment, we’ve covered three areas: measuring equipment which includes cups primarily used to measure liquid, but which can also be used fairly accurately to measure some solid and powdered ingredients; also, measuring spoons which are predominantly used for smaller quantities of measurement and can be safely […]

Serious threat from de-risking

For over a year in the Councils of the Organization of American States (OAS), Caribbean countries have been warning of the threat to the region’s economic and political stability arising from the withdrawal by US banks of correspondent banking relations to Caribbean banks. Those relations have been in place for over a century, giving significant […]

Worrying trade union trends

It is common knowledge that organizations and institutions within the western world, inclusive of trade unions, are known to follow the democratic practices within their respective governance system. It is quite unfortunate that the integrity of the elections process is sometimes called into question by allegations made about some unacceptable practices. The evidence for the […]

A case of catching straws

They say that a drowning man will catch at a straw. Of course, the straw will not save him but, in an emotionally chaotic state of deep desperation, the man finds himself unable to think clearly enough to figure that out for himself. Instead, he sees the straw as providing that last glimmer of hope […]

Busy Kensington Oval

Busy Kensington Oval

Kensington Oval was a hive of activity Thursday and Friday as will be the case over the next three days. There was somewhat of a unique spectacle in that with Barbados Pride opposing title holders and front-runners Guyana Jaguars in the key eighth round match in the Digicel Regional four-day Championship, the West Indies and Pakistan squads […]

The root of our political problem

So it begins. The discussion about whether the unions are right to press for a salary increase now is underway. Already we have a senior Government minister labeling the ‘young’ union leaders as aggressive and seeking to dismiss them. Permit me a counterpoint on the current Government’s discomfort with youth empowerment before we examine the call […]

Bad agreement for the Caribbean

Bad agreement for the Caribbean

Ambassador Daniela Tramacere, head of the European Union delegation to the region, has recently publicly challenged my assessment of the region’s trade agreement with the EU. The trade agreement is called the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), and I determined that it was not in the Caribbean’s favour. Ambassador Tramacere recited several parts of the Agreement […]

Embrace our youth!

Embrace our youth!

Barbadian culture actively promotes the participation of children in Kiddies Kadooment. From a tender age, young children can don costumes and parade at the stadium, as part of the annual Crop Over season, in front of patrons, dancing and wukking up if they so choose. In addition, this culture promotes a Junior Monarch calypso competition […]