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A case of the last straw

After persons are incrementally burdened, there comes a time when the last load causes a severe reaction. The last load may be relatively light and insignificant, but if it is the proverbial last straw, the entire load may be rejected by the burdened. A woman may be ill-treated for decades, and may appear to put […]

Learning from the wisdom of ants

Muslims in Barbados celebrated the end of the month of fasting last Sunday. The festival of Eid ul Fitr brings Muslims out early in the morning for prayers and sermons and then a day of visiting family and friends, exchanging gifts and feasting. This year, I had the unique opportunity of participating in the early […]

Change is coming

Change is coming

In another week or so, the pain and punishment being meted out to Barbadians will increase with the 2017 Budget measures taking full effect. The ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has failed to convince Barbadians that today or tomorrow will be any better than the plight Barbadians endured for nearly a decade after that party’s […]

Committed to combatting climate change

As we approach the start of the 2017 edition of the internationally celebrated Climate Diplomacy Week, we look at the extraordinary Agreement reached in Paris in 2015 by nearly 200 countries.  The Caribbean countries, the ACP and the EU played a key role in the successful negotiations. Climate change is a challenge we can only […]

The versatile breadfruit

Breadfruit is one of the staples that most of us like to have as a part of our meal or on the menu when it is in season. It is so popular in Barbados that we often par-boil and freeze it for use during those times when it can’t be sourced. Breadfruit trees are known […]

Living with HIV

Living with HIV

The campaign is on once again to get Caribbean nationals to know their HIV status. And with Regional Testing Day to be held next Friday, one individual who has been living with the virus for over two decades has been sharing his story. Addressing the recent media launch of Regional Testing Day, Ainsley Reid admitted […]

What effrontery, Ambassador!

After reading the article by Ms Linda Taglialatela, the United States Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, that was published in Barbados TODAY on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 under the headline Support The Venezuelan People, it occurred to me that only an ambassador representing the administration of the egotistical Donald Trump would have the […]

Teachers’ unions deserve more respect

Within the last five years or so, there has been a growing impasse between the teacher trade union movement and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. This persistent battle between the two entities at times tend to overshadow the long period of collaboration and the subsequent benefits that have accrued to the development of […]

Putting service before self

There are, in the main, a few things which trade union leaders and politicians can boast they share in common. For starters, they are both elected by their constituents. This means that they are the representatives of a body of people at the organizational or national level, who have entrusted them to represent the collective […]

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