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Scrap the 11 plus!

This year will be as others have been. Sometime in June, the media will appear to take photos of ecstatic children and overjoyed parents whose Common Entrance results gave their wards the privilege of attending the school of their choice. There will also be those who did not make it to the institution they preferred, […]

Violence begets violence

The cover page of the Sunday Sun of April 23, 2017 reported on Barbados’ report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.  The coverage highlighted Barbados’ position as it relates to corporal punishment.  Needless to say, I found this aspect of the report woefully disappointing.  Let me hasten to express my admiration […]

Setting the record straight on what is a trade union

In the workplace workers from the bottom to the top of the enterprise or organization are known as employees. The classification of members of staff makes the fundamental difference, as this helps to define the roles and responsibilities of an individual and/or a group of employees. As it is in the case of Barbados, every […]

Dr Estwick has taken a stand

Dr Estwick has taken a stand

The editorial of Tuesday, April 25, 2017 is captioned: “Waiting for Dr Estwick to take a stand”. The editorial then went on to suggest that Dr Estwick should resign from his Cabinet position because he is consistently at odds with his colleagues on fundamental policy issues. The editorial specifically mentioned his disagreement with the Government’s […]

The rise of Natalie

FAS is off to a strong start for this year’s Reggae Festival.  The usefulness of the Festival to tourism was also very visible on the Beach.  The promoters of FAS continue to experiment with their formula to keep the public interested in and satisfied with their product.     This year, they added a regional […]

Why Barbados is lagging behind

Given our history, it was necessary that all Barbadians be given access to similar opportunities to create their futures. Over the past 50 years, the Government of Barbados has facilitated this by providing all Barbadians with free access to health care and education services. Our children and elderly are also provided with free access to […]

A case for direct democracy

Generally, it is suggested that democratic politics involves public deliberation focused on the common good; it requires some form of manifest equality among citizens, and shapes the identity and interests of citizens in ways that contribute to the formation of a public conception of the common good. The great philosopher Aristotle posits that “the character […]

Reflections on life and death

“Your hand can seize today, but not tomorrow; and thoughts of your tomorrow are nothing but desire. Don’t waste this breath, if your heart isn’t crazy, since ‘the rest of your life’ won’t last forever.” As I stood among former Foundation schoolmates in the graveyard of Christ Church Parish Church a few weeks ago attending […]

Living with Depression

Living with Depression

“I can’t remember the last time I was happy. I have never been happy for 24 hours straight, ever in my life”. These are the words of ‘Paul’, a 40 year old university graduate who has been battling depression for most of his adult life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more […]

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