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Electing tourism

With all of the Christmas and New Year’s festivities gone, I am sure that much focus will now turn to the next general election

The effects of bad weather

All attention during the next few days will now shift to the New Year’s Eve “Old Years’ night” celebrations.

As hotels and entertainment spots go through their last minute preparation for changing over from one year to the other, there is a possibil

Being cautious with food

With all of the planned celebrations during the coming week, I want to take this opportunity to sound a word of caution about how to prevent getting sick from the consumption of food during the festive season.

Food borne illnesses can be very unplea

Times require proactivity

Yesterday, while attending the BHTA’s fourth quarterly general meeting, I heard the president of the BHTA mention that the feedback from the recent trip to World Travel Market suggested that bookings for the winter period were looking up at this poin

Christmas service sacrifice

Last week I spoke of getting ready for the season. This week I want to take a look at the impact of Christmas on tourism and the employees working within the tourism industry.

Christmas to most people seems to be a special time of the year. It’s the

Preparing for the season

It seems as though everyone is gearing up for the start of the tourism season. It is a good thing that there is so much anticipation as to what tourism will bring to the livelihood of the people here in Barbados. In a statement a few weeks ago, I see

Tourism link with society

This week the BHTA launched a new tourism initiative, known as the Tourism Awareness and Information Tool. To me, this is long overdue and very much needed. This tool is an interactive orientation one, which is designed for use with new and existing

Major events and tourism

Events are extremely critical to our tourism product. Whenever there is a major event on the island, there is a raise in the level of excitement in relation the destination. During the course of the next week, the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festiva

Lending a helping hand

Last week I wrote about the impact of Hurricane Sandy and within the course of a week, the northeastern shore of the United States is being adversely affected once again by bad weather. This time the snow is causing severe weather problems along the eastern seaboard. For many years, hoteliers here in Barbados and indeed […]