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Road to success

It is a realistic expectation of virtually every employee in the workplace of being appointed, promoted or recognised in some form or fashion for their efforts. It is not usual that any of these are automatically granted. Employees are generally requ

Vulnerable workers

When reference is made to the “most vulnerable workers” in the society, the average person tends to identify with the low income earning groups within the employment sectors.

Where in the traditional scheme of things that is apt, the changing labour

The QEH challenge

The call for improvements in all aspects of the operations at the workplace has become more the norm than the exception to the rule. There are increasing demands being imposed on both management and employees.

These demands come as a result of the n

Recognising unsung heroes

The trade union movement in Barbados benefits from the voluntary services of those men and women who commit themselves to service. These persons often do so at great sacrifice to themselves and their family. They go beyond the call of duty, and direc

Loving what you do

Crop-Over 2012 has now come to its inevitable end. While it was a time of enjoyment, fun and frolic for the average Barbadian and visitors to the island, it was a period of long hours of hard work for those who in numerous ways, were directly involve

Building relations

The repercussions of the current global financial crisis which has been described as the worse of its kind in living history have been extremely severe. The closure of many business, the high incidence of lay off or redundancy of employees, salary cuts and the restructuring of enterprises, are only but some of the hard hitting […]

Making a difference

Productivity is described as a guide to measuring the efficiency of the delivery of service. To the average person, productivity is all about their output.

Whilst this is understandable, it is also important to advise that it is about the input or c

In your interest

As the Crop-Over Festival season begins to move into high gear, it is the opportune time for those in the private sector and entrepreneurs to cash in on the many business opportunities that present themselves. For most Barbadians it is a time to forg

Coping in tough times

Periods of economic recession are known to affect the fiscal and monetary policies of governments, and to contribute to contraction within the business community. With a slowdown in business activity, the net result is that a recession affects all ca