Jones pleads guilty to breaking window

A 56-year-old man, who damaged a window belonging to his brother, has been remanded to prison until April 9.

Horace Chesterfield Jones, of Belle Gully, St Michael, pleaded guilty to committing the act against Collins Jones on March 11.

The two men had apparently been to court before with the Magistrate Douglas Frederick ordering that Horace vacate the family home.

“I didn’t get nowhere to go,” Horace told Frederick today.

Their deceased mother left behind the house which Collins had done extensive repairs to while she was still alive.

According to the prosecutor, Horace arrived home yesterday, went to the
kitchen, got something to eat and went into his bedroom. Collins then turned off the lights.

However, he soon heard his brother saying that he would “give him something to call the police” for. Horace then went outside, took up three stones and smashed them into the window before making a report to police. Collins also made a

Today, the magistrate reminded Horace of a previous statement he had made saying he was willing to go to jail.

“I gave you a chance, but I could have seen it coming that you would go to prison, because nobody begs to go there.

“I feel your mother should have eaten out the money before she died, go on cruises and spend it instead of leaving something for you’ll because now you’ll are fighting and the genesis of the problem is that you’ll can’t live together.

“A modern day Cain and Abel,”
Frederick said in reference to the biblical story of the brother who stole the other’s birthright.

The magistrate then informed Horace that he would remand him to prison.

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  1. allison archer March 13, 2018 at 12:40 am

    That is incorrect Cain killed Abel because of jealousy, envying his younger brother however it was Abraham’s grandson Esau who sold his birthright to his younger brother Jacob (Israel) for a bowl of food
    What utter folly


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