James injured trying to evade police

A 47-year-old man, who had cannabis in his possession and tried to evade police, appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today.

Robert Alphonso James, of Dunlow Lane, Bay Street, St Michael, pleaded guilty to having a quantity of the illegal drug in his possession on March 10.

Police were carrying out an operation in James’ community when he was seen standing by a wall with two other men. They ran off as police approached and were pursued.

While running James collided with one of the other men and collapsed to the ground.

The drug, which was in a wrapping, rolled out of his hand, but before lawmen could retrieve it, James snatched it and swallowed it.

However, he still had another quantity
in his pocket and was arrested for the offence.

“I came to say, I get hold and I guilty,” James, who is known to the court, told Magistrate Douglas Frederick today.

He then revealed that he had to undergo surgery later this week as he was injured when trying to evade police.

After taking into consideration the facts, the magistrate convicted, reprimanded and discharged James on the charge.

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