Feuding siblings

Security guard accused of seriously wounding his brother

A 45-year-old security guard has been remanded to prison until April 9, after pleading guilty to unlawfully and maliciously wounding is brother.

Kelvin Grantley Forde, of Eversley Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, admitted to committing the act against his brother Roger on March 11.

According to the prosecutor, the brothers, who have been living with their mother for the past three years, were constantly at each other throats, with their quarrels often turning physical.

In fact, police have been called in to their residence on a number of occasions to restore peace.

However, on the afternoon of the aforementioned date, Kelvin returned home and proceeded to cut the grass before Roger came out of the house to warn him not to destroy a structure that he had erected.

He was ignored by Kelvin, who proceeded to lift the weed whacker to his brother’s face while revving the throttle.

As a result, Roger sustained several lacerations as he raised his hands to shield his face.

And though he attempted to step away, Kelvin kept advancing at him before dropping the weed whacker when his brother hit him with a piece of wood in the head, which resulted in a fistfight. At this point, the mother was forced to intervene to separate the brothers.

After presenting the facts, Station Sergeant Neville Reid objected to bail on the grounds that the two men reside together and given the likelihood that their tensions could escalate.

Reid said the two also needed a cooling off period.

However, it was soon discovered that Kelvin had no one to sign bail on his behalf and as such he was remanded to Dodds.

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