Bottle thief gets a stern warning

A 23-year-old St Michael man, who stole over 200 bottles, has been warned to be on his best behaviour for the next six months.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick handed down the sentence on Damien Omar Clarke, of Block 2C Farm Road, Deacons Farm, Black Rock, today after he explained that he took up the bottles between March 5 and 7, in order to get something to eat.

The bottles, which were worth $245, belonged to Tricia Thompson who is the manager of A and T Marine.

According to the police report, Thompson was going about her daily business when she discovered the bottles, which were in bags, missing.

She asked the staff whether they removed the items and they said “no”.

Thompson later made a check of the wire fence enclosing the business and realized that it was broken in two places.

Investigations led police to Clarke’s house where a search warrant was executed and the items were found.

“The police got back the bottles and everything. I do it to get something to eat. I live with my mother but the house don’t really got in nothing,”  Clarke, who has ten convictions, seven for theft, said.

He told the magistrate he could stay out of trouble if given a chance, while pointing out that the complainant had gotten back all her bottles.

However the magistrate told him it was not that simple because he had taken up bottles that were already parceled.

“You have to go pick up bottles on the road that people throw away, not take up bottles that someone has already picked up. You are in a Catch 22 situation. You are not getting food and the only way you think to help yourself is to steal, but you can not do that,” Frederick said before imposing the bond.

If Clarke breaches the order he will have to spend a month in prison.

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