An evening of love

A Barbadian New York Organization launches a grand appeal for donations and support for hospice and palliative care project in Barbados.

This past Saturday, the Barbados Cancer Association USA (BACA) held a well-attended fundraiser, An Evening of Love, at the St Francis College Founders Hall, on Remsen Street in Brooklyn, New York.

Truth be told, the New York Valiha and Jazz Fusion sextet band, together with Barbadian Elan Trotman – a graduate of the renowned Berkley College of Music in Boston – as the featured artist, thrilled a receptive audience, including many jazz enthusiasts, to a two-hour music fest that some patrons said surpassed expectations.

Indeed, BACA’s choice of a group of multicultural, trained musicians, by their performance and their selections, brought East and West cultures under one tent of love, so to speak.

Just after 7 p.m. the short, crisp welcome remarks by Heather Marsh, the association’s president, set the platform and stage for a grand evening.

“I have very good news for you this evening. The plans for the Barbados hospice project have been approved by Town and Country Planning Department in Barbados, and the building contract has been awarded to Edgehill Associates. So I anticipate the continued assistance and support of you, your family and your friends. Please pass on the good news,” Marsh announced.

The programme began with five selections by the Valiha/Fusion jazz band led by bass guitarist Bruno Razi, a composer, arranger and music educator from Madagascar. The songs highlighted the culture and music of Madagascar, including Mino Razafimpamonjy on the Valiha – a bamboo tube instrument of Madagascar; and solos by alto saxophonist Iranian Hashem Assadulahi; Miho Sasski, a Japanese pianist; and Yoshiki Miura, a Japanese guitarist and jazz musician with 30 years of performing experience.

Trotman, a composer, performer, teacher and recording artist who tours and performs in Barbados annually, and who co-sponsors a weekend music education programme at Harrison College, did not disappoint. Trotman’s performance was compelling. His selections included Beyonce’s Love on Top, Sonny Rollins’ Don’t Stop the Carnival, popular original Island Girl, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, and the Krosfyah hit, Pump Me Up.

For the finale, Trotman and the band played three songs, My Little Sued Shoes (Charlie Parker); St Thomas (Sonny Rollins) and Don’t Stop The Carnival, which together with Island Girl, was clearly the audience’s pick of the evening.

The Barbados Cancer Association USA, a non-profit established in 2005, is dedicated to minimizing the impact of cancer on Barbados and Caribbean communities and the USA by promoting prevention and early detection and prompt treatment of cancer in these populations.

The Barbados hospice is a state-of-the-art joint venture with Living Water Community (LWC) and will be built at the LWC campus in St David’s, Christ Church. The 14-bed inpatient unit will be homely, light and comfortable, offering privacy in care and a community spirit dependent on the needs of patients and families.

Master of Ceremonies was Jessica Odle-Baril. Among those in attendance were Consul General Dr Donna Hunte Cox and Martin Cox, and Hon Ingrid Joseph, a judge in Brooklyn.

Source: (Walter Edey is an author and retired educator. Email: werus2642 @gmail .com)

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