Convicted burglar sentenced to six months

Convicted burglar Andre Alston Spooner has landed himself a six-month stay at HMP Dodds for returning to his criminal ways.

Spooner, of no fixed place of abode, admitted that he loitered on the premises of Aishah Kirk Patrick on February 15, with cause to suspect he was about to commit burglary.

Patrick, who owns a landscaping company, was at her Christ Church home about 11:30 a.m. on the day in question when she heard a noise at her front door. On investigating, she saw Spooner with an object in his hand trying to pick the lock. She kept him under observation for a few minutes before shouting at him, causing him to run off.

Spooner, who has four convictions – two of them for burglary – was later caught.

When he appeared in court today, he told Magistrate Douglas Frederick, “I don’t know what to say for myself.”

However, under questioning, he explained that he was holding over when his hand accidentally touched Patrick’s door, which could have been the noise she heard.

When Spooner realized that the magistrate had not bought his story, he went on to say that he had been trying to do positive things with his life, by performing odd landscaping jobs, and that he would not like to return to prison.

“When are you going to stop? Why did you throw away the whole pail of milk? You were going good but went back to your old ways because you simply couldn’t help yourself,” Frederick said.

He said Spooner had received a nine-month prison term on the last occasion, but since he had “unburdened his conscience and confessed to the crime” he would get a three-month discount.

“Try and get back on track when you get back out. You can do better,” the magistrate told Spooner as he left the dock.

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