All Saints dominate zonal meet

All Saints Primary, the monarchs of the north in St Peter, have done it again with a fourth consecutive double crown title in the Anton Norris Zone of the National Primary Schools Athletics Championship.

Dressed in their traditional green and gold uniform, All Saints for the past five years have ruled this Zone and today at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex the boys and girls made it a case of déjà vu.

This would make it the fifth year straight they have won the girls’ title, scoring 189 points, and the fourth consecutive for the boys, tallying 190.50 points.

Similar to 2017, the race was on for top two honours between eventual queens All Saints and Cuthbert Moore Primary who finished second on 144 points while St Lucy Primary totalled 117 points for third place. It was a tight finish for the fourth position but in the end, Hillaby Turners Hall scored 109 points, five ahead of the 104 scored by St Judes Primary to win that battle.

The winners were clear as day in the boys’ division but just like the girls, the contest was on for the next best four positions. Second were St Judes tallying 139 points as they were able to stave off stiff competition from Blackman and Gollop Primary who were third with 110 points. The boys of A DaCosta Edwards were fourth on 108 points and Hillaby Turners Hall Primary were fifth with 87 points.

This zone was sponsored by Wibisco and there were nine records broken today. St Lucy Primary erased two individual records. In the girls high jump, Shayla Clarke erased the old 1.25m mark with a distance of 1.29m and her schoolmate Tori Benn just made it over the record height at 1.26m.

Shayla Clarke of St Lucy Primary scaled 1.29m for a new record in the girls high jump.

Cuthbert Moore also wrote their names in the record books with 56.30 seconds in the Under-13 girls 4x100m and dismissed the former time of 56.81. They also stamped their authority to chop the 2.09.54 record down to 2:08.66 for a new record in the 800m sprint medley open.

Alika Harewood of St Judes was businesslike in the Under-13 Girls 400m which earned her a new record of 1:08.12 in what could be described as a race of vigour determination and endurance. The Under-11 Girls cricket ball throw also had a record being broken thanks to a strong 40.74m throw by Aria Weekes of Blackman and Gollop Primary that made the old mark of 36.62m look like nothing.

Two records fell in the Under-nine long jump. Trinity Bishop of All Saints Primary set a new distance of 3.13m in the Girls while Amille Bailey of St Martin’s Mangrove Primary produced 3.30m which was one meter longer than the 3.29m record in the boys.

Trinity Bishop of All Saints’ Primary set a new mark of 3.13m in the Under-nine Girls long jump. (Pictures by Morissa Lindsay)

Kaydia Prescott of Gordon Walters Primary shone in the Under-seven girls standing broad jump with a 1.46m record-breaking performance.

The athletes of A DaCosta Edwards Primary did well and victrix ludorum Kydaisha Worrell was among those that starred on track with the fastest heat times in the 80m, 100m and 150m.

Victrix ludorum Kydaisha Worrell of A DaCosta Edwards Primary won the 80m, 100m and 150m.

In the 80m she ran 12.50 seconds, one split second short of equalling the 12.49 record. For the 100m Worrell clocked 15.94 seconds and 24.61 seconds in the 150m.

The school that bears the name of one of the greatest of West Indies cricketers, Gordon Greenidge Primary, were well represented compliments the impressive Maikai Brathwaite. Brathwaite showed a clean pair of heels to outpace all competitors in the 80m, 100m and 150m, running 12.20, 15.41 and 23.60 seconds in those three respective races.

Victor ludorum Maikai Brathwaite of Gordon Greenidge Primary won the Under-nine Boys 80m, 100m and 150m respectively.

Chrisaria Ballantyne of Cuthbert Moore contributed 26 points to her school. She has become a well-known name at NAPSAC. Today her performances, especially in the 100m and 200m, reminded spectators why. Competing in the Under-13 age group, she had the fastest heat times of 13.51 and 28.50 seconds respectively in the 100m and 200m but had to settle for third in the more taxing 400m.

Chrisaria Ballantyne of Cuthbert Moore Primary won the Under-13 Girls Division.

Javon Alleyne of St Judes Primary totalled 26 points to dominate the Under-13 Boys category and ran 1:08.13 for the fastest 400m heat but was second in the 800m in 2:43.50 behind the 2:42.00 of fellow schoolmate Shavar Greenidge-Lewis. Alleyne was also second in the high jump with a 1.25m flop which was nowhere near the 1.30m by Hassan Howard of St Lucy Primary.

Javon Alleyne of St Judes Primary came through to pip Aaron Morris of All Saint’s Primary on the line.

Aniya Nurse of Hillaby Turners Hall needed a parachute to slow her down as her speed was too hot for the other competitors to handle in the Under-11 Girls Division where she captured 28 points.

Aniya Nurse of Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary sprinting to victory in the Under-11 Girls 200m.

Nurse won the 300m by a 20-yard distance in a time of 47.12 seconds. She also won the 200m in 30.64 seconds and ran 14.63 seconds in the100m which was the second-fastest time behind the 14.62 seconds of Jakaria Jones-Smith of Belmont Primary.

In the Under-11 Boys, Jvonta Mayers of A DaCosta Edwards was second in the 100m, 200m and 300m and collected 24 points. In the 100m Mayers crossed the line in 14.28 seconds with Donche Blackman also of A DaCosta Edwards coming out on top in 14.19.

Jvonta Mayers of A DaCosta Edwards Primary captured the Under-11 Boys age group.

The showdown was really constantly between Mayers and Blackman (20 points). In the 200m Blackman again emerged victorious in 29.23 seconds leaving Mayers to follow in 30.02. While Rivaldo Browne stole the spotlight clocking 48.05 seconds ahead of the 48.92 seconds by Mayers in the 300m.

Dayne Gill of St Martin’s Mangrove Primary dominated the Under-seven Boys Division with 20 points and Kaydia Prescott of Gordon Greenidge also accumulated 20 for the girls.

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