Retailers feel the love

Young shoppers rush to buy gifts

The infectious spirit of love and happiness associated with Valentine’s Day paid off today for some retailers as locals, some decked in red and white, shopped for their loved ones.

Swan Street retailer Michelle Maitland was pleasantly surprised by the increase in business, disclosing that sales were going well especially from school children.

“School children are shopping, I don’t know where they are getting the money from but they does shop,” said the saleswoman who added, “it surprised me because when I started this morning I had over 100 bears”.

Not only were the schoolchildren stopping by to purchase balloons, teddy bears, roses and personal care items, but adults too were busy browsing.

“I was saying because of elections that people wasn’t really spending but today turned out better than I thought,” Maitland stated, noting it was a significant improvement when compared to last year.

“I find that people shop for their loved ones this year,” she said.

There was also a buzz of activity at Tropicana Jewellers. Store Manager Dacia Moore agreed there was an increase in shopping for Valentine’s this year.

“I find that in stores and on the streets, last year was  . . . less busy but now I find it is a little more hyped up,” said Moore.

She noted that sales had steadily improved throughout the course of the day and young adults and school children were the big spenders.

“I find a lot of younger people are coming in, even the school kids,” said Moore.

“The young age groups like the kids and the 20-something-year-olds and 30-something-year olds.”

Cynthia James of Cools Sailing Fashion Inc. agreed that teenagers contributed greatly to their sales, but she said 2017 was a better year for her business.

“Last year it was better than this year, most of the sales this year were from school children. The men aren’t really buying anything this year, they are saying that they aren’t celebrating Valentines Day,” James said.

However, while retailers were crunching the numbers, shoppers, especially ladies were enjoying their Valentine’s Day.

Felicia Stevenson who was shopping for wine at Cave Shepherd, Broad Street, all decked in the colours of love had big plans for the day

Stevenson, who was looking forward to spending time with her partner said she enjoyed Valentines because “it is for the lovers.”

Meanwhile, some hotels and restaurants were expecting a hectic night as scores of Barbadians were heading out to wine and dine.

Officials at the South Coast restaurant Buzo Osteria Italiana said they were in for a busy night, and Manager at the Barbados Hilton Tracy Jones also told Barbados TODAY that they were fully booked. 




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