Marzville Giving It To The Fans

There was just no stopping Omar Marzville McQuilkin as he fiercely represented Barbados in the recently held International Soca Monarch in Trinidad and Tobago recently. Bajan Vibes caught up with the performer and had a chat with him about the experience.

BT: How was the experience being a first-time finalist in the International Soca Monarch?

Marzville: It was a good experience. A lot of different avenues opened for me, I am seeing a lot of bookings, so I am happy.

BT: How was the International Soca Monarch different from Soca Royale which is held in Barbados?

Marzville: Honestly, I think that Soca Royale is more organized than the International Soca Monarch. I don’t think they are organized as they are going through a new stage, so they are still getting stuff together….They are going through a little dip as it is not as organized as [it was] before. The pyrotechnics were good, the MC could use some work. I still think they have [a lot] to build back on but it would take time.

BT: What was your placement in the competition?

Marzville: I have no idea. They only started from fourth and came up. I received a cheque for TT$50,000 which is converted to BDS$12,000. It was my first time in the competition so I am glad about what I got.

BT:  Recently you have been offering a total singing package, where you are singing popular classics like Let’s Get it on and then transition to your bashment soca offerings. Is this a package you will be using going forward?

Marzville: I started it from Labour Day last year but when I came to Trinidad I rehearsed it with the DJ and the bands to fully execute it.

BT: Are you pleased with the response that the song Give It To Yah is getting?

Marzville: It is a great response and from a child I wanted to be a household name.

BT: Are you looking to go into schools and teach children how to write soca songs?

Marzville: Eventually, but I am still in the building stages. This year during Crop Over I am looking to do some different things and take the product into the community.

BT: Would you say that you received more response to your music internationally than locally?

Marzville:  That is a tough one. I think people appreciate the music I am putting out. Barbadians have been supporting me from day one.

BT: Any new plans that we at Bajan Vibes should know about?

Marzville:  This year I am looking to bring out a band. We are working to do that, we are working with musicians. The same way that Machel got his Machel and the HD band, Kes has Kes and the band, I want to have Marzville the band.

BT: One thing that people can say about you is that you have a unique sense of style. Who is the person behind all your stylistic choices?

Marzville: Newlyn is the person behind most of my outfits and Fashion Dandy is the one that created the outfits for theInternational Soca Monarch in Trinidad.

BT: When can we expect to hear your 2018 releases?

Marzville:  The end of March or the beginning of April. This year I am doing Bashment, Ragga and Up Tempo.

BT:  Do you have any aspirations to enter Pic-O-De Crop?

Marzville:  I am thinking about it, but I am looking to do two collaborations—one with a Barbadian artiste and one with a Trinidadian artiste.

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