First time’s the charm

Caterer and professional ‘foodie’, Kimberley Bourne emerged the winner of the inaugural Girl Power Mixology Competition.

The island’s first all-female mixology competition, which was held at the Concorde Experience during Girlfriends Expo, was produced by the Caribbean Cooking Channel and Stronghold Entertainment. It was a tight race with five contestants who were the crème de la crème in their field. The line-up also included Cherie-Anne Charles, Gina Dupal, Rhea Cox and Liena Babb.

In the competition sponsored by RL Seale Rum Distillery, Skyy Vodka, Dimes Juices and the ladies created some intoxicating concoctions, particularly Bourne with her two winning cocktails, The Golden Girl and The Process.

Bourne, who is a novice to mixology, walked away with the top prize of $1,500 and an automatic entry into the Clash of the Titans Mixology Competition this April, which will feature the top male mixologists in Barbados, including her mentor Philip Casanova Antoine.

Known on the cooking circuit as a caterer, Bourne would have previously participated in numerous local cooking competitions such as the Caribbean Cooking Channel Best Pork Cutter Competition in which she placed second.

Determined to try her hand at something new, she gave Girl Power a try.

“It was another challenge, another experience. I believed I could wrap my mind around it and get it done,” she told Bajan Vibes.

The 35-year-old was ecstatic when she was announced winner of the inaugural event.

“I would have entered cooking competitions before and placed second and third, never with a win, so it was amazing to go into the mixology arena and have a win on my first go,” she said.

Meanwhile, Babb, a seasoned competitor who was previously unbeaten in local mixology competitions, took home the second place prize of $500, while third place winner, Cox received $250.

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