Griffith fails to get surety

With the stroke of the magistrate’s pen, a 33-year-old painter was remanded to prison today after finding no surety to post bail on his behalf.

Lightfoot Lane, St Michael resident Anthony Emmanuel Griffith appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick this afternoon, accused of assaulting his sister, Sade Griffith, on February 12, occasioning her actual bodily harm.

The accused denied the charge but that was not enough to prevent Station Sergeant Neville Reid from objecting to bail.

The prosecutor submitted that the siblings lived in the same household and there was a fear that matters would escalate as they have been embroiled in frequent disputes. Reid further stated that the incident occurred in the presence of a child whose life was endangered as a result of the accused Griffith throwing objects.

“There is need to protect others in the household. Another [family] member there tried to act as a peacemaker to no avail as the level of aggression was too high,” the Crown’s representative revealed.

However, in his application for bail, Griffith said he did nothing wrong.

“The girl give me a lash on top my head and I give her back a lash. It was no rock throwing or nothing so. She hit me, I hit she back. I ain’t do nobody nothing,” he told the court.

Griffith also assured the magistrate that he would leave the residence immediately upon his release and seek shelter with other relatives.

However, the accused had no one to sign bail on his behalf, which resulted in him being remanded to Dodds prison until March 14.

The District ‘A’ Magistrate informed him that he would be released if he could find a surety to sign bail and someone to vouch that he was living at a different residence.

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