Tudor keeping it clean

First-time political candidate Kim Tudor plans to run a “nice” campaign as she carries the flag for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in St Michael North in the next general election.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) today canvassed the constituency, and told Barbados TODAY she would not be distracted by comments, attacks or threats made by the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP).

“Everybody who knows me knows that’s not my personality. My back is broad, that will wash over me. I am focused on the people of St Michael North,” she stated firmly to applause from the scores of DLP supporters.

DLP Chairman George Pilgrim, who accompanied Tudor, claimed the BLP was engaging is a dirty campaign, something she said his party did not want to be associated with.

“The Barbados Labour Party has launched a campaign that will forever damage our value system in Barbados. We have seen the insults hurled at our Prime Minister, they have launched a T-shirt brand and then claimed it not to be theirs – this is the type of campaigning that the Democratic Labour Party will continue to distance itself from,” he said.

Pilgrim added that the decision to have Tudor contest the St Michael North constituency was a “strategic” one, adding that based on the candidate’s talents and skills, she was the future of St Michael North.

“The Democratic Labour Party is therefore serving notice on Ronald Toppin that your days as a Member of Parliament in St Michael North are numbered,” he said.

Tudor, who was also accompanied by several supporters and members of the DLP camp, Patrick Todd, the candidate for St Michael North East, and Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley, revealed that her key focus would be “achieving national progress, community by community”.

“I intend to look at economic prosperity and economic development, quality growth and using creative strategies to develop the community,” she said.

The DLP candidate said she was confident of unseating Toppin, who has held the constituency for 24 years.

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  1. Sue Donym February 14, 2018 at 12:56 am

    For years the question was asked about what value or benefits the NISE programme sought to deliver – and whether there was some measure of its success. Did it produce a political candidate or did a political candidate receive a tailor-made agency which offered national visibility and opportunity?


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