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A married couple has been warned not to contact their 19-year-old daughter whom they allegedly had under unlawful confinement for seven months.

The stern warning which was issued today by Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch to 49-year-old Antonio Marcus Fitzpatrick and his 47-year-old wife, Stacy Fitzpatrick, also extends to their immediate family.

“Anybody connected to you in anyway . . . approaches her, you will be held accountable,” he warned.

The Fitzpatricks of Brereton, St Philip, who are represented by attorney-at-law Carol-Ann Best, remain on $5,000 bail each after appearing before Birch in the District ‘C’ Magistrates’ Court this morning.

Antonio Marcus Fitzpatrick and his wife Stacy Fitzpatrick.

They are accused of the wrongful confinement of their daughter between July 1, 2017 and February 7, 2018.

The Chief Magistrate also requested a report on the status of the alleged victim and prosecutor Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim revealed she was at a safe house.

Pilgrim also suggested that although the husband and wife had pleaded not guilty to the charge and were on bail, they should still undergo a “psychological . . . exercise”.

Last Wednesday, police, acting on a tip off, visited the Fitzpatricks’ residence and discovered their daughter in a locked room in a malnourished state, with her hair very unkempt.

The teenager was subsequently transported to the state-run Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulance to get medical attention.

The couple will make their next appearance in the District ‘C’ Magistrates’ Court on March 27.

2 Responses to Stay away

  1. Sheron Inniss February 14, 2018 at 7:20 am

    Mr B is a man of integrity. I believe he will do right by this young lady. I have always been able to go to him when I was seeking assistance with intellectual property matters and other stuff and he has steered me on the right path.

    Mr B blessings to you and yours. Have not seen you for a while.

  2. Ossie Moore February 14, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    I really , really , really , really , really HATE to say this but I think that the RBPF and the Barbados media have finally found the “wild jungle animals ” that they have been describing and looking for.
    These people are not human beings so therefore they come under the ” description ” of the jungle animal description of having :

    round heads
    large foreheads
    big noses
    large mouths / teeth
    dark skin
    large ears
    big eyes

    BUT ! ! ! they are out on $5000. bail . . ..only happens in buhbados. Had they stole a pint n’ half bottle of white rum , a tin of corned beef or a tin of sardines then they would have been locked up in jail for 5 years.

    Only in buhbados.


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