Lorde and Watkins get bail

A man and woman who appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on separate charges have been released on bail.

Regina Tana Lorde, of Roxy Gap, Waterhall Land, Eagle Hall, St Michael, denied before Magistrate Douglas Frederick that she damaged a motorcar belonging to Sasha Boxhill on February 3.

The prosecutor granted the 32-year-old self-employed woman $2,000 bail after there were no objections to her release.

The case against her will continue on May 23.

Also reappearing in the court on that date will be Clarence Rudolph Watkins of 3rd Avenue, Chapman Lane, St Michael who allegedly entered Lorde’s house as a trespasser on February 6 and inflicted grievous bodily harm on her. It is further alleged that he had a chair as a weapon at the time.

Regina Tana Lorde and Clarence Rudolph Watkins

Watkins, who was represented by attorney-at-law Dennis Headley, pleaded not guilty to the charge and was granted $3,000 bail.

The accused has also been warned to stay away from Lorde and her residence.

Before he was allowed to leave the court, however, he had to pay a $350 forthwith fine for the $45 worth of cannabis he had in his pocket when he was arrested on the grievous bodily harm charge. Watkins also had to honour a $500 debt to the Crown dating back to 2011.

Both amounts were paid.

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