Chicken thief jailed for a year

Narie Leslie Hinds will spend the next 12 months in jail for stealing 30 pounds of chicken and six drinks from a St Michael canteen.

The 51-year-old King Street, St Michael resident admitted that he burglarized LRS Foods sometime between February 6 and 7 and made away with the items costing $224, belonging to Elizabeth Cooke.

The owner of the canteen located at Hothersal Turning closed up her business on the first mentioned date, only to get a telephone call the following day from her daughter informing her of the break-in.

When she went to the canteen, she found a padlock missing as well as the poultry and beverages.

Cooke called the police after viewing security video which showed Hinds taking her property.

In his defence, Hinds, who now has 51 convictions to his name, told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that he had a “very bad drug problem and needed help”.

“I have a two-month-old baby, Sir . . . and drugs choose a drug addict for a mother. I need help,” the well-known thief said.

But Frederick told Hinds he was behaving as if he had never been offered help. The magistrate pointed out that he had recently referred Hinds to Verdun House.

“I said ‘if they can change you, they will perform a miracle’ and when I last saw you I was impressed, but quick so you were back to your old ways,” the District ‘A’ Magistrate stated, even as he acknowledged that fighting drug addiction was not easy.

Frederick said Hinds would be penalized for his actions as he had stolen “probably the entire stock” from the canteen and taken away the proprietor’s livelihood.

“I just take up one pack of chicken just to get something to get drugs. This is the first time I went to a small place to steal. I go to supermarkets,” Hinds stated as he asked the magistrate for leniency.

“I can’t let you out again,” Frederick replied, as he imposed the sentence and urged Hinds to take advantage of the drug rehabilitation programme at Dodds.

“Twelve months, okay I can do that,” Hinds said as he was ushered out of the court.

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