Probe into teen’s life

A pre-sentencing report has been ordered into the life of a 19-year-old who apologized to the court after admitting to having $55 worth of cannabis.

Sajeeve Kenneth Nurse, of No. 12 Hill Top, Pinelands, St Michael, was found with the substance yesterday by police who were on patrol in the area. The lawmen had searched him after approaching a group of men in an area with the strong scent of marijuana.

“That’s a lil weed I got there to smoke,” Nurse told lawmen just before he was arrested.

Today, the first-time offender told Magistrate Douglas Frederick he was wrong for having the illicit substance in his pocket.

After Nurse spoke about his ambitions, the magistrate considered imposing several hours of community service in order to keep his record clean. He therefore handed the teen over to a probation officer to be interviewed.

However, after speaking with Nurse, the probation officer told the magistrate that a more in-depth probe was needed into Nurses’ life to find out more about him before sentencing.

“They want to dig into your life a little bit to see what is going on and help you,” Frederick told Nurse before adjourning the matter until April 13 to facilitate the probe.

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