Paper trail


An alleged newspaper thief was remanded to prison today following an unsuccessful application for bail.

David Anthony Griffith, of Roebuck Street, St Michael, initially pleaded guilty to stealing 65 newspapers, worth $195, from The Terminal Bookshop and Variety yesterday.

Sergeant Theodore McClean said the proprietor of the bookstore had left the property to report a matter to the guard and on returning, the newspapers which had been there just moments before had disappeared. Police were summoned and Griffith was spotted on St Michael’s Row with four papers in his hand and $28 in cash.

Griffith, who is known for stealing, said he was crossing by the “Padmore building and that is where I got into trouble”.

He explained that he was walking along the road when he came across four scattered newspapers which he picked up and put back in order. It was at that moment, he said, that the “officers pull up” and questioned him about the papers.

Griffith was detained and taken to the police station and he said they “bring a whole box of papers from nowhere”.

“I don’t know nothing bout them. . . .The four is all I can account for,” Griffith said. “I only had four papers in my hand.”

Magistrate Douglas Frederick then asked him why he had pleaded guilty to stealing 65 papers when he was adamant that he had only found four, prompting Griffith to change his plea to not guilty.

Under the circumstances, Sergeant McClean objected to bail on the grounds that the address given by Griffith was not sufficient to secure his attendance at court if he were to abscond, and there were fears he would reoffend if granted bail.

“I have never missed a court date. I know I am innocent of the charges and it makes no sense for me to abscond, as it will make matters worse for me. I think I can put together something to come to court,” the accused said in his application for bail, which was denied.

He was remanded to Dodds prison, to return before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on March 12.

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