Victim stabbed while walking with her daugther and grandson

The trial of Ianthe Rita Marshall, who is accused of stabbing another woman in the face, has opened in the High Court.

The Lower Westbury Road, St Michael resident, who is in her 30s, is accused of committing the offence against Angela Haynes on January 30, 2009.

Principal Crown Counsel Alliston Seale is prosecuting the case, while Dr Waldo Ramsey, QC, is the defence attorney, with Justice Randall Worrell presiding.

Haynes told the nine-member jury in the No. 2 Supreme Court this afternoon, she was walking along Thorne’s Gap, Westbury Road, with her daughter and grandson when she saw Marshall. She continued on her way but soon experienced “this lash to my face”.

“I thought I duh get cuff by the accused in the right side of my face,” she said.

However, it was the screams of her daughter that alerted her to the fact that she had been stabbed.

“‘Mummy she stab you,’” the woman recalled her daughter saying before she saw blood “gushing down”.

“My daughter say, ‘go long, go long, go long, you got to go to the hospital,’” said Haynes, adding that she quickly left the scene but not before her daughter ran Marshall off with some stones.

Haynes said it was a neighbour who eventually took her to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where she underwent surgery. She released three days later as she wanted to attend her niece’s funeral service.

“I suffered nerve damage to my face and I have a scar on the right side of my cheek and the nerves are damaged up to now,” Haynes explained.

Under questioning from Seale she revealed that she had two previous altercations with Marshall, one of which occurred at her workplace, where she is employed as a maid.

Haynes said on that occasion she had asked the accused to unplug her cell phone from the outlet in order for her to do her duties, but Marshall refused forcing her to seek the assistance of the security guard.

However, on the day of the stabbing incident, Haynes was adamant that “I didn’t say nothing to her. I didn’t know where she was living. She stabbed me and I still did not say anything to her up to now,” she added.

Haynes returns to court on Monday where she will be crossed examined by Dr Ramsey.

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