Waiki returns

... with tighter security after review by promoters

After an abrupt end in June last year, the fourth edition of the Waiki Jam returned on Sunday with a bang.

Not wanting to have a repeat of last year’s finale when task force officers had to be called in to restore order at Pirate’s Cove after things got out of control, the event’s promoters and directors have decided to go back to the basics this year with visibly heightened security both inside and outside of the venue.

“We went back to the drawing board and tightened up on security,” said Creative Director Shawn King, who is also one of the event’s coordinators.

He told Bajan Vibes that last year’s ugly incident in which patrons reportedly broke down the fence in a mad scramble to get into the event, which attracted an unruly element, was learning experience for them. “Waiki is fete that people come out to in the masses, [and] anytime people come out in the masses you definitely have to be prepared and we were not prepared for the number of people that showed up,” he said.

As result, several people were detained and the popular Sunday jam, which usually takes place every other week in February, came to an abrupt end.

However, Waiki fans have seemingly put that negative episode behind them.

On Sunday, hundreds turned out for the first event of the season, which runs from February right up until June.

King was very pleased with the turnout for the first show, which he described as “packed off”.

“The vibe was excellent the DJs understand the Waiki crowd,” he said, while pointing out that even though the rain fell “that’s hasn’t stopped anything”.

One of the highlights this season will be a Waiki cruise. King said patrons had been calling for one since the first season and the organizers were now in a position to answer that call on April 15.

DJ Ramon G, who has been with the event since inception, told Bajan Vibes that although it had evolved over the past four seasons, they were trying to bring back ‘the good old days’ of feting.

“It’s a good vibe so far. People have been enjoying and having a good time,” he said.

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