Bail for two men involved in stolen car racket

Two men, allegedly involved in a stolen car racket, were granted bail in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today.

Kieshon Jesurun Rawlins, of Drax Hall Hope, St George, was not required to plead to the charge that he allegedly stole three motorcars worth $150, 000 belonging to Junction Square Investment Limited, sometime between October 27 and 28 last year.

He is further accused of entering 1st Choice Car Rentals, which belongs to the aforementioned company, during the same time, and stealing a $1,000 laptop computer, two central processing units worth $4,000 and five vehicle keys worth $1,150.

Nickey Henry and Kieshon Jesurun Rawlins

The 26-year-old graphic designer was granted $50,000 bail and ordered to surrender his passport. He must also report to the Glebe Police Station every Monday and Wednesday by 10 a.m. with valid identification.

Meantime, 26-year-old Nickey Henry, of Ellis Village, Halls Road, St Michael, was granted $5,000 bail for dishonestly assisting in the disposal or removal of a stolen motorcar, belonging to the aforementioned company, for the benefit of another, knowing or believing it to be stolen.

Henry was not required to plead to the indictable offence, which was allegedly committed sometime between October 27 last year and February 3 this year.

The prosecutor, Sergeant Theodore McClean, did not object to bail but requested that the accused report to a police station and surrender his travel documents.

Henry will now report to Central Police Station every Wednesday by 10 a.m. with valid identification. However, he told the court he had no passport.

Both men will are due to reappear before Magistrate Douglas Frederick on May 15.

2 Responses to Bail for two men involved in stolen car racket

  1. Saga Boy February 8, 2018 at 6:47 am

    Many argue that people are stealing because of poverty and hard times and blame the DLP for all crime. They give the empression that all or most who steal are unemployed. The association between crime and poverty is an outdated theory that needs to be modernized through proper research. People of weak character steal whenever there is an opportunity to acquire something for nothing which will give them some monetary advantage. It does not matter whether they are employed or unemployed. If this was the case politicians and persons employed would never steal from the organizations in which they work.

    • Ralph Greene February 8, 2018 at 8:09 am

      Out with DEM


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