Move on to court Archer

Cricket West Indies (CWI) CEO Johnny Grave is hopefully of luring top talent Jofra Archer back to regional cricket with the prospect of an appearance at the ICC World Cup.

Despite being born in Barbados and moving to England when he was 18, Archer has declared his intent to represent England.  Due to the fact that the player did not live in England until after his 18th birthday means that he must complete a seven-year residency period.

Archer would, therefore, be ineligible to represent the country until the winter of 2022, which would see the player miss out on playing both the 2019 World Cup and T20 World Cup.  Graves hopes the prospect of playing international cricket sooner rather than later could be used as a drawing card to attract the former Windies U-19 player.

“As a cricketer, you always want to play at the highest level and, for the moment at least, the highest level by a considerable distance is international cricket,” Graves said.

“In which case, you would hope that he says, ‘I’ve done it against domestic competition and now I want to test myself at international level.

“From our point of view we need to give him another option and the first part of that is for us to qualify for the World Cup.  Then Jofra’s only opportunity to play in the 2019 World Cup in England, will be with the West Indies. His only opportunity to play in the T20 World Cup in Australia in 2020 is with the West Indies, too,” Grave added.

“Ultimately, if we’re not in that 2019 tournament then we’re probably not doing all we can to convince him that his international future lies with the West Indies. Financially he’ll be far better off in the short to medium-term being a West Indies international. With the Caribbean Premier League, a West Indies white-ball retainer along with its match fees and insurance policy, along with the ability to go and play IPL as well as other leagues would dwarf his Sussex contract once he has paid back two months of it for playing in the IPL.” 

Source: (SportsMax)

3 Responses to Move on to court Archer

  1. Cecil Brooks February 7, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    I ask this Question to young Mr Archer and any person who may be given him advise. It is the only question I will repeat to him. Mr Archer can you tell me which English man wanted to play for west indies when the west Indies were world champions and which Englishman will ever wait 4-5 years to play for any west indian team even if The West Indies were world champions. (I am West Indian Born in Barbados Having a English passport in England iam still westindian)

  2. orlando February 8, 2018 at 10:54 am

    west indies cricket is in shambles right now . but it look like we are moving up. we have some very good talent right now just gotta get it all together . i think the only was to get him to come home is to guaranteehim a place on the test team right away. i dont know if thats possible but it would be nice . all the players right now are in the 22/25 age bracket . that should be a good fit for him . COME HOME my brother . theres no place like home . no one can tell you why dont you go back where you come from. enough said .COME HOME NOW.

  3. Ric February 8, 2018 at 11:37 am

    I don’t like what he is doing but I can understand it. Why would he even give up a county contract to come play for the WI? He would be mad out of his mind I am thinking. Too much to lose even if he never plays for Eng (I doubt it will happen).


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