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Flow Barbados looking to protect vulnerable Internet users

As Barbados joined with 130 countries around the world in celebrating Safer Internet Day, the island’s leading telecommunications provider today pledged to do more to safeguard the most vulnerable Internet users, namely children and the elderly.

“We are aware of examples of phishing, identity theft, and cyberbullying in Barbados, so we are working closely with the schools via the National Council of Parent Teacher Associations, and in the near future we will also be linking with the Barbados Association of Retired Persons to ensure we can safeguard our senior citizens and the youth against these threats,” Director of Communications and Stakeholder Management with Flow Barbados Marilyn Sealy told Barbados TODAY.

Speaking just after a media roundtable held at Flow’s Head Office in Warrens aimed at familiarizing the media with just how the company maintains Internet security for Barbadians on the whole, Sealy said that “our data centre not only covers our customer base in Barbados, but a number of local financial institutions also use our services to secure their data and information”.

She also advised Barbadians that Flow Barbados has never asked customers to send them any personal information via the Internet, and to report any such questionable correspondence immediately.

“Flow Barbados never asks for people’s account numbers, identification numbers, email addresses or telephone numbers online, as we would already have that information in our files. So if you encounter any such email purporting to be from Flow Barbados requesting this information, do not share that information and report it to us.”

While she could not give any specific details, Sealy said “Every day we get reports of hacking, cyberbullying, along with people who have made up personalities and account information approvals. We want Barbadians to understand that while Flow can safeguard against these threats, it is up to you to do the right thing to begin with.

“We collaborate with the Royal Barbados Police Force when these cases are brought to our attention, to ensure that the victims get the necessary assistance and perpetrators of such crimes are brought to justice,” she added.

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