TRINIDAD – Pete-ann wants search for diver widened to Grenada, Venezuela

PORT OF SPAIN – Hope for finding missing diver Chevonne Bartholemew alive grew dimmer yesterday.

Bartholemew went missing on Monday in a routine dive off Gasparee Island and his wife, Pete-Ann, is now pleading for the search to widen to as far as Grenada and Venezuela.

She said even though her husband’s oxygen tank would have run out of air by now, she said he could be drifting somewhere in the ocean, possibly outside of territorial waters.

She does not believe there is any foul play in his disappearance.

However, her children Zion, 11 and Zoe, six, are terrified that they may not see their father again.

Pete-Ann said yesterday she had to console the children before she put them to bed.

However, her faith remained unwavering.

She said a group of divers including those who were with Bartholemew during the dive off Gasparee Island, visited her on Tuesday night. One of the divers told her that Bartholemew was taking photographs of a vessel anchored in the Gulf of Paria at a depth of about 65 feet on Monday when he disappeared.

The diver said he saw Bartholemew’s headlight when he glanced behind him but when he looked for Bartholemew a while later, he was gone.

The diver said he did not go back for Bartholemew as he believed Bartholemew went to another part of the ship.

He said he was following protocol, adding that the job had been outlined in detail before they took the dive.

Pete-Ann said she was thankful that so many people were still searching for her husband, including fishermen and other divers who gave up jobs to help search.

“Right now we have six vessels out there. I am hearing that he may have drifted out to Venezuela so I am trying to contact the Venezuelan Embassy and the Grenadian Embassy. I am attaching information on my husband and the newspaper article link,” Pete-Ann said.

She said a missing person’s report was lodged at the Carenage Police Station.

Trinidive Underwater Services, the company with which Bartholemew is employed, has not answered questions relating to Bartholemew’s disappearance.

Public Relations Officer at the T&T Coast Guard Lt Sherron Manswell said yesterday that the search for Bartholemew was still ongoing. Asked whether it had expanded outside of territorial waters, Manswell said no. He could not say whether the Venezuelan Embassy and the Guardia Nacional were contacted to assist in the search.

Source: (T&T Guardian)

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