Stop the blame game!

HR firm says finger pointing won’t help businesses

The head of a human resources consultancy firm is warning business leaders that seeking to cast blame in turbulent times will not help their companies thrive.

Instead, Managing Director of Caribbean Catalyst Rosalind Jackson has advised that businesses should focus on helping their staff improve productivity.

“Neither blaming nor judging are progressive or productive activities. As leaders we all have to see challenging times as opportunities to improve our own shop even if we are not 100 per cent sure what those opportunities are yet. We need to find them with entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and actions,” Jackson said this week at the Savannah Hotel at the official launch of the organization’s biennial Barbados’ Best Employees competition.

She said business leaders should have a clear grasp of what their employees were thinking and feeling if they were to inspire them to give of their best.

“Whatever our current business reality is, it is the circumstances in which we must succeed. If each private and public sector entity team or department in Barbados relentlessly focused on continuously improving leadership of its people and develop an environment of personal accountability, then our productivity would soar. That would clearly redound to the sustainability of our nation,” she stressed, adding that organizations interested in continuous improvement must promote effective leadership by engaging their best talent.

This year’s competition, which seeks to help companies identify and improve in various areas, will focus heavily on accountability and productivity, and is open to small, medium and large companies.

Entrants will be assessed in ten areas, including business strategy, human resource strategy, employee communications, work environment, community involvement and development, career opportunities and compensation and benefits.

Following a review by a panel of judges, finalists will be announced by May and the winners will be announced during a special awards ceremony on June 14.

2 Responses to Stop the blame game!

  1. luther thorne February 1, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    Human Resource Managers in Barbados have confused the labour landscape and do not contribute to anything progressive. I do not like how they operate. To me they make things worse in the work place. They are a waste of time and money. Some of them are not even human – it is just about flashing paper qualifications and getting money to pay a mortgage. Waste of time in Barbados because of the way they operate

    • Mark Rosmar February 2, 2018 at 3:51 am

      You might be onto something Luther.


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