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Drug accused says he uses cocaine to ‘numb’ his prostate

A 52-year-old man, who admitted to having two types of illegal drugs in his possession, has been placed on a bond for the next two years.

If Herbert Raymond Kirton, of no fixed place of abode, breaches the sentence imposed by Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant and is found guilty of any crime during that time he will be forced to spend 12 months at HMP Dodds.

“Officer that is my apparatus,” Kirton told police on January 26 after he was seen dropping an item while at Bonnetts, Brittons Hill, St Michael.

It was later discovered that the paraphernalia was foil paper in the shape of a pipe, with a hole at one end and burnt marks at the other.

“That’s my weed . . . .  That’s my cocaine,” he later told police after a more in depth search was conducted.

Today, however, his explanation for having the illegal substances took Cuffy-Sargeant and other court officials by surprise.

Kirton said he has been suffering with his prostate and claimed that his doctor does not want to prescribe him with the drug Voltaren.

“That is why I use the cocaine . . . it gets me numb . . . but the doctor does not want to give me none because he say I get too addicted to Voltaren and I will get high,” Kirton explained.

However, the magistrate pointed out that he was in a no better position with the cannabis and cocaine.

“Ma’am, only that one legal and the other illegal,” he replied.

When asked why he had no fixed address, Kirton explained that he lived in the same area the incident occurred, but “I put that [I  have no fixed address] so the [police] will not go by the people I stay by and ransack there”.

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