Denis Kellman must go!

The Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) made a case last night to voters in Checker Hall, St Lucy to end the 23-year reign of Denis Kellman as their Member of Parliament.

The BLP descended on the St Lucy community with a simple message that the constituency was hurting while their representative was prospering, therefore it would serve voters well to kick him out in the next election due by the middle of this year.

“Denis Kellman represented this constituency for 23 years and the only thing Denis Kellman could point to is a place called Moon Town,” the BLP’s Dale Marshall, the Member of Parliament for St Joseph, said in reference to Kellman’s business.

“I understand that Moon Town does a bustling business with an Internet café, a hardware store, a grocery store, a restaurant and a sports bar, all of which are owned by Denis Kellman, because in his mind the development of Denis Kellman is equal to the development of St Lucy.”

Marshall told those gathered in the open area next to Jac’s Pizza that he was puzzled that while the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) had held power since 2008, it had not given assistance to Kellman to develop St Lucy.

“I could almost understand why they ignored St Joseph because they say St Joseph belongs to the [Barbados] Labour Party” Marshall said, claiming that the DLP Government had left his constituency “to rot way” because it was a BLP stronghold.

He charged that St Andrew, St Peter, St Thomas and most of St James, all regarded as BLP strongholds, had suffered similar fates at the hands of the DLP.

“But I do not understand how the Democratic Labour Party could decide that they are going to neglect Kelly [Kellman]. It makes absolutely no sense to me,” he said, contending that Kellman had nothing to show in terms of area development.

The meeting was held in support of Peter Phillips, the BLP candidate for St Lucy, who has lost twice to Kellman, but who reduced the margin from 1,411 in 2008 to 422 in 2013.

“This is a man who has been in Parliament now for nearly a quarter of a century, what does he have to show for that long stint in Parliament?” Edmund Hinkson, the BLP representative for St James North said of Kellman, who was first elected to Parliament in 1994.

“What serious legislation has he initiated or piloted to better the lives of the people for St Lucy and wider Barbados? None whatsoever in 23 years.”

The Opposition candidate for St Peter Colin Jordan recalled the now resolved extended water shortage that had been experienced by residents in mostly northern and eastern parishes in the last year or two.

He charged that the DLP had done a poor job in resolving the water problem in St Lucy and that “rather than having running water in your taps the . . . bankruptcy at the head of the Democratic Labour Party has gone from refusing to give people running water and have now presided over a situation where they’re giving the people on the south coast running sewage”.

2 Responses to Denis Kellman must go!

  1. John Everatt January 29, 2018 at 10:27 pm

    The St. Lucy folks need not worry. They will have a new airport there in no time at all and that will bring wealth and commerce to the parish.

  2. archy perch January 30, 2018 at 9:34 am

    John Everatt should be thankful that the DLP granted you citizenship in this island of Barbados Sir. You do NOT know one darn thing about the political history of this land and how the two major political parties differ. I am offended but your constant bashing of the DLP Administration Sir, a party which has passed legislation establishing the UWI Cave Hill Campus; the NIS; Independence; black businesses in Barbados; free school meals and education up to tertiary level and I could go on and one Sir.You and your hippie group need to stop trying to inject your peadophile and LGBT lifestyle into our Barbadian society. The big so-called developed country from which you came has numerous problems of its own and is still struggling despite all the resources. So please….ease off and be grateful hear!


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