Waldron owns up to assault charge

A 23-year-old, who slapped and cuffed another man, will know his fate on February 23.

Jamar Kemar Waldron, of Hannays Valley, Christ Church, admitted today to assaulting Evans Millington, occasioning him actual bodily harm.

The victim was walking along Cheapside, The City when the attack occurred.

Today Waldron, who is known to the court, told Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant that Millington was always taking away his belongings.

“This gentleman constantly stealing my tools on my job and . . . I catch him taking more of my things and I give him a slap and a cuff, that’s the truth,” Waldron said.

However, he was remanded for sentencing after it was discovered that he had not been turning up for court on a pending matter.

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