Drug accused off to prison for 60 days

A 61-year-old man who told police, “I could smoke anything I feel like”, will call HMP Dodds home for the next 60 days.

The sentence was imposed on Lenister Emmanuel Bynoe, of no fixed place of abode, after he pleaded guilty before Magistrate Elwood Watts to having possession of an apparatus on January 20 for the misuse of cannabis.

Station Sergeant Rudolph Burnett, in outlining the facts of the case, said lawmen were on patrol along Oistins Bay Gardens when they saw Bynoe in the area of the bathrooms holding what appeared to be a small bottle to his mouth and exhaling smoke.

He hid it behind his back as police approached.

The bottle, which was broken, was retrieved and found to contain a crystalline substance.

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  1. jrsmith January 26, 2018 at 6:28 am

    Find and dig out the big up criminals who are protected in Barbados , send the to DODDS , give this guy a break………….


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